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  1. ford4wd08

    Papaw's F350 Dually

    And.... We have lift off. I can pull the truck out and work on it or work on the bed and store it all in the garage at the same time. Flatbed makes life a lot easier when it comes working on truck for sure. I can crawl up under the truck and sit down and work on things.
  2. ford4wd08

    Deleting the pump from a fuel pump

    Ford did run a in tank pump for carbs (like my F350 project I'm working on). It was called the hot start or (hot fuel) option and a lot of the carb'ed 460's got them in the end of the bullnose era to the start of the bricknose. It does have a return line plumbed right at the carb. I'm not...
  3. ford4wd08

    Papaw's F350 Dually

    Making some more progress. Got the bed loose today. Goal is to make something to support it so I can back the truck up under it and pull it out to work on the body work. Then the real work begins!
  4. ford4wd08

    Interesting options on a Bronco II

    I have the flip up seat, rear storage compartments and the flip up rear window. I use it almost every day as the tailgate is not the best fitting item Ford ever made. I assume it partially warped from being red and in the sun for 37 years.
  5. ford4wd08

    87 B2 A4LD transmission ( OD) ( Info on a IAC fix)

    OP, do you have 3 wire connector at the driver's side of the trans pan or 2? 87 was the transition year from 1 solenoid to 2.
  6. ford4wd08

    85 A4LD Neutral Safety Switch

    It's on the driver's side of the transmission. About half way up the case. It's is round, you should be able to put a box end wrench on it and loosen it.
  7. ford4wd08

    Wanted 2.8L duraspark distributor

    Is that a TFI distributor you're looking for?
  8. ford4wd08

    Lower temp thermostat

    I know for a fact sediment caused issues with my original radiator. I added AC back and it began pushing temps up to where I didn't like. I replaced my OEM radiator with a 2 core replacement. It added some capacity and actually pushed the fan further into the shroud. I think both helped with my...
  9. ford4wd08

    Lower temp thermostat

    I'm pretty sure all the 2.8/2.9/4.0's were built in Germany, that is why they got the colonge name...
  10. ford4wd08

    Lower temp thermostat

    Thermostat is minimum operating temp. If coolant system isn't designed well or maintained, you can overheat.
  11. ford4wd08

    Papaw's F350 Dually

    Finally got it buttoned up on the front brakes. Ran into some issues trying to bleed the brakes on the rear. Never could get fluid to come out of the wheel cylinder. Not sure if it is an ABS issue or what? I believe 87 is the first year of ABS on the rear in the F series. I'll keep working...
  12. ford4wd08

    Papaw's F350 Dually

    Chipping away at it little by little. Had to track down some rotors for dual wheeled front hubs, but found some. Got the driver's side button up with new races, bearings, caliper, brake pads, and brake line. I also got a set of Mike Marker hubs. Seem to be a decent upgrade for the Dana 60...
  13. ford4wd08

    F150 2.7 ecoboost misfire

    There is a TSB on 2016's 2.7's. I believe the exhaust valve or similar fails. Happened to mine and I got two new cylinder heads from Ford for it. Mine was a bad misfire and it made the check engine light and all blink. I had to limp it to the dealer. Yours might not have that issue, just...
  14. ford4wd08

    Papaw's F350 Dually

    Thanks for the confidence in the welder. I feel like harbor freight stepped up their game on some items and is becoming my go to tool store. Yes they still sell "crap" items, but I've had good luck on a lot of stuff lately. I don't get much sleep when I have a project like this going where I...

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