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  1. FORD2011

    HELP! 4.0 sohc rebuild

    I just got my engine back from the machine shop and they took the balance shaft assembly out of the block for cleaning, when i got it yesterday they did not reinstall it. My question is, there are 2 holes under the balance shaft inbetween the bolt holes, one had a plug in it from the machine...
  2. FORD2011

    need help with 99 ranger fuel system

    i am putting a 99 4.0 sohc from an explorer into my 99 3.0 ranger. i believe the swap will be pretty simple the only problem i see is fuel pressures the sohc runs a 65-75 psi where my 3.0 runs at 30-40 how could i increase my fuel pressure can i just change the regulator? will the entire...
  3. FORD2011

    need some help with 4.0 swap into 3.0 ranger

    i have just bought a explorer, it is a 99 4.0sohc 5r55e trans 4.10 limited slip. i bought it originally for the rear end, to put into my 99 ranger 3.0 ff. but with 33s my 3.0 is a dog!!! i believe the explorer engine and trans should bolt right up to my bw1354 no problem they are both 99s so the...
  4. FORD2011

    98 ranger rack removal need help

    have a 98 ranger 4x4 3.0, the input shaft on the rack and pinion is leaking, im about to pull it out and install a new seak kit in it. ive looked around and noticed everyone says its almost impossible to get out, theyre saying to remove the torsion bars....WHY??? is it possible to snake it out...
  5. FORD2011

    Lets see your custom bumpers.

    im looking to custom fabricate bumpers for my 98 ranger, post pics, show me some ideas. front and rear bumpers
  6. FORD2011

    brush guard on 99 ranger...help!

    where could i get a cheap brush guard for a 99 ranger. not a bull bar a actual brush guard. or possibly a set of plans to make one, i have to supplys to fab one up fairly easy, i just dont have the time to design one through trial and error. if anyone has some plans or measurements thatd be great
  7. FORD2011

    99 ranger speedo correction

    i have a 99 ranger, 4x4 xl, came with 215 originally, just put 235s on it and i know the speedo is off, but how do i change it. can i change it through the obd port?
  8. FORD2011

    ??? bed liner questions ???

    im thinking about putting bed liner on the bottom half of my 99 ranger. i dont really care about the texture or anything smooth or rough doesnt matter. im looking for durability and somthing that wont peel or chip. what is a good brand to go with but still keeping it cheap?
  9. FORD2011

    cranking up 99 ranger torsion bars question

    i have a 99 ranger and would like to raise the front just a little with low costs...should i crank up the torsion bars a little? are there any other better ways. give me your input
  10. FORD2011

    can someone help me with t-case to trans problem

    i have a 1993 ranger with a 4.0 and a A4LD trans. I want to put 4x4 into my ranger since its 2wd now. i have a doner ranger its a 84 with a 2.9 L and 5 spd trans it has a bw-1350 and a d-28. is it possible for me to bolt this t-case to my 2wd transdo i need a different trans to make it possible...

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