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  1. FlyinRyan

    Need Help! PC Refresh

    Hey everyone! I'm not as saavy in this department as I used to be so I figured I could use some help. Where better to go than TRS!?! I've got a 3 year old Toshiba laptop that is going to have some heavy use this school year. I want to do a complete refresh - delete everything and reinstall...
  2. FlyinRyan

    Stripped Stud

    Hey, Couldn't find a better place to stick this one. I've got at least 1 stripped stud on the back left wheel. 98' Mazda B2500, larger (10"?) drums. My question is: How easily can I get these studs out? Do I HAVE to pull the axle? Any help appreciated!
  3. FlyinRyan

    Mid-Life Refit

    Well, the truck rolled over 160 000 KM's the other month and I've decided to finish up its mid-life refit. I'll be doing quite a bit of highway driving this summer to a new job (which will hopefully turn full time once I graduate) and want to tune up the ol' 2.5L. Here's what I'm thinking...
  4. FlyinRyan

    Can Anyone Identify This??

    First off - not related to a vehicle as far as I know... It's a mystery object given to my class to try to identify. It's about 30 lbs, 2.5 ft long, and has two electric motors. The large motor turns the jackscrew running the length of the shaft. This moves the smaller motor assembly up and...
  5. FlyinRyan

    '98 New light Options

    Hey, Been looking online for some new headlights. For the prices I'll have to pay for replacement stock ones, I've started looking at getting something a little nicer. I can't find any decent replacements for the 98-01 series, and I've been thinking that maybe ranger headlights from newer...
  6. FlyinRyan

    Alternator Confusion

    Hey folks, My current alternator is whining pretty bad, pretty sure its a blown bearing. I've been pricing alternators online and am pretty confused by the core/no core thing... Can anyone explain? Thanks
  7. FlyinRyan

    Muffler Hanger Problem

    Hey Folks, My old muffler hanger rusted out and have been holding it up with strapping. I bought a new muffler hanger from Part Source (Canadian) and... it doesn't fit. The indentations on the muffler where the strap should go do not line up with the rubber hangers. It looks like it will fit...
  8. FlyinRyan

    Truck Month - Need Opinions!!!

    Hey everyone, As luck would have it, I've ended up having the rest of August free from work or school. I've dubbed August 'Truck Month' as I'm pretty much spending all of my time on my truck. Truck: 1998 Mazda B2500, 2wd, 5sp I need some help/opinions: Bumper - My front bumper is pretty...
  9. FlyinRyan

    Fixing the Hangers

    Hey everybody, My muffler exhuast hanger has rusted out and I have it hung up with some strapping. I've been told that the strapping will rust out in about a month. The hanger right behind the CAT is on its last legs too. I haven't been able to find the metal bars that run from the rubber...
  10. FlyinRyan

    Thank god (or buddah or whoever) for friends!

    So I'm driving home from school today after just dropping my buddy off at his '89 B2 and noticed my steering got a little sloppy and my brakes seemed soft. I pulled over to take a look and didn't see anything, figured it was just me overthinking something. Pull back out and hit 50kph and the...
  11. FlyinRyan

    '94 Ranger rims on a '98?

    Hi everybody, Been searching the local classifieds for some new summer rims and found these. They're off a '94 Ranger - I've got a '98 B2500, 2WD. I've bought a set of winter steelies before that had the 11 hole pattern and ran into problems when putting them on, the centre hole was too...
  12. FlyinRyan

    06 ABS Issues

    Hey folks, My Dad's 2006 Ranger XLT is going into ABS everytime you touch the pedal. He just got new brakes put on by a local shop and has complained to them, they put the blame on a new guy but didn't fix anything. He was told to go to the Ford dealership and get them to diagnose it. Anyone...
  13. FlyinRyan


    Hey folks, I've got a leak in my '98 B2500 stock steel rim. Spoke with a welder about fixing it but the leak is too deep in the rim to get a solid bead on. He reccomended i strip the rust off (theres a lot of it) and lay some JB Weld or fibreglass on it. I've been using a wire wheel and a...
  14. FlyinRyan

    Light wheel repair

    Hi folks, The interior light switch/wheel has stopped working in my '98 B2500. Please note I'm not asking an electrical question, but panel removal! What has to be done to get to the insides of the switch? It's to the left of the wheel beside the headlight selector knob. I really don't want...

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