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  1. Flash Gordan

    Ignition lock cylinder linkage?

    Okay maybe this isn't a urgent problem because I am still able to drive my truck, but I went to go start it after work yesterday and the key turned the ignition on but then started turning without any resistance. I've traced the problem to the linkage between the lock cylinder and the ignition...
  2. Flash Gordan

    dana super 30 or dana 35 front axle? confused.

  3. Flash Gordan

    Black Friday trail ride 2014?

    I can't believe it's been almost 5 years since the last one. Anyone interested in heading out again this year?
  4. Flash Gordan

    Trans America Trail in a RBV?

    Just curious if anyone has run the Trans-America trail in a Ranger before. I've read on other sites that it is geared towards off-road bikes. And a few jeeps have done it. But I'm wondering if it can be done in a RBV. All input is welcome.
  5. Flash Gordan

    4.0 oil pan questions

    I was hoping that someone could answer a question for me. I pulled the oil pan off the engine I was just about to drop into my 89 ranger. I say just about because I'm not sure if I want to use this motor anymore. I found a lot of metal in the bottom and I can't figure out where it came from. I'm...
  6. Flash Gordan

    Stock A/C compressor used for air compressor?

    I'm a couple weeks away from dropping in my exploder 4.0 into my 89 ranger. The ranger doesn't have air conditioning but the engine has a compressor mounted on it and I want to construct an onboard air system. I have a couple questions: 1. Has anyone ever run a setup like this? I know there is...
  7. Flash Gordan

    Just another dana 30 sas...

    While I was in the garage yesterday, I started going through the stuff I've already bought for the SAS swap. Seems I already have a trackbar mount. Bought it with all the other stuff from RuffStuff. Now just need to figure out how to get it to work with my jeep trackbar or find another one to fit.
  8. Flash Gordan

    Just another dana 30 sas...

    What kind of modifications?
  9. Flash Gordan

    Just another dana 30 sas...

    Just a long overdue update and a few questions. I got all the pieces to the control arms from Ruff Stuff and Currie. Haven't welded them together just yet. Still looking for coil springs. Thinking about finding a set of early bronco 3.5" superflex springs from broncograveyard.com. Has anyone...
  10. Flash Gordan

    2" DOM tube?

    Anybody know where I can find some? My local steel supplier, Fazzio Steel, doesn't carry anything bigger than 1.75". Could use some help please.
  11. Flash Gordan

    Distributor in a 4.0?

    I have been searching the tech library and haven't found the information I've been looking for. I pulled a 4.0 out of a 91' Explorer a couple years ago. And I'm about to swap my knocking 2.9 out of my 89' Ranger for the 4.0. I was looking at the block this afternoon and noticed that where the...
  12. Flash Gordan

    The Horse with no name...

    Looks like I'll be getting a new ride in a couple weeks. Just need to figure out what kind of name I should give it. It's a 89' extra cab 4x4 with a 2.9L and a 5sp. I'm totally stoked about it.
  13. Flash Gordan

    Junkyard pitman arm questions...

    I'm trying to find a dropped pitman arm to replace the straight arm on my steering gearbox so I can finally do the lift to the front of my truck. Does anyone know from which makes and models in the junkyards I would have to look at to find a dropped arm to fit? The tech library doesn't have...
  14. Flash Gordan

    Just another dana 30 sas...

    XJ 6.5 look good with your 33's. I was planning on just keeping 31's under my truck. Maybe use the XJ 4.5 coils. Anybody use them?
  15. Flash Gordan

    Just another dana 30 sas...

    Ok onto a different question for the members. I'm looking at new springs for the front. I was thinking of trying to find lighter weight springs for a stock ranger/explorer, but I don't know of anybody that makes them. I was thinking about using the springs that came out of the cherokee, but...

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