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  1. Need a source for 3° or more camber bushings for an 87 2wd Ranger

    I installed djm beams and my camber went way out of whack. I have 2° (adjustable from -2 to +2°) but I need more. I'm still 1-2° away from the tires sitting without the top leaning inward. It drives me nuts every time I look at it. I could shim up my stock springs but then the front would be...
  2. High idle cause found (pic)

    I just bought this 87 2wd Ranger. It had the TPS disconnected and a lot of other problems needing attention, including missing vac lines, etc. But it did run, albeit with a very high idle and not very good acceleration or performance. I plugged in everything I could find that was disconnected...
  3. 2.3 runs rich when cold

    96 5sp, recently replaced IAC, maf,full tune up,all filters,rebuilt Injectors, IAT sensor, downstream o2. No codes. Runs rich for first 10 minutes or so. Sometimes stalls out when going to idle. Def rich con dition. After warm, runs great. Why?
  4. Timing at 25° BTC all the time?!?!

    96 2.3L I have another thread here about low power under 3000 rpms. I started this thread to try to get more responses for help. I still haven't gotten the power problem solved and I am now pretty sure I found the cause, now I need the cure... I pulled the SPOUT plug and checked timing with a...
  5. Bluetooth OBDII scanner

    Ebay scanner Has anyone else had any experience with these OBDII scanners? It plugs into the OBD port under the dash and sends streaming live info to a laptop or phone. I use it with an Android phone and a free program called Torque. I now have a lot of info on what the engine is doing...
  6. low power under 3000rpm

    I recently bought a 96 2wd Ranger with 5 speed manual and 3:73 gearing. I have replaced spark plugs and wires, changed all fluids, new tires, shocks, brakes. I drove a friend's 91 Ranger the other day, same setup except I think he has even lower gears than me because he's taching 2000rpm at 55...

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