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    Ford 2.9L Cosworth On Ebay!!

    If they're willing to ship it, i would think shipping would probably be in the $500ish range for container shipping. I would love to see @PetroleumJunkie412 stuff this into a boosted Ranger
  2. FirstGenRanger

    Ford 2.9L Cosworth On Ebay!!

    I was looking for a Euro 2.9L upper plenum on Ebay.co.uk, and came across a complete 2.9L Cosworth engine for 250£, which is about $320 usd. Too bad the shipping to Canada would probably far exceed its value...
  3. FirstGenRanger

    Should I Bother Rebuilding These Heads?

    Sounds good. I'll give my machine shop a call Monday and see what they say. Considering how cheap they are, it would make more sense to get a new set, but the late model 2.9s are getting pretty rare in my area. Most of the ones I tore into at pick n pull had early heads. It took me a decent...
  4. FirstGenRanger

    Should I Bother Rebuilding These Heads?

    I picked up a set of 89TM cylinder heads at the junkyard last year. I just got around to tearing them down and inspecting them today. They were sludged up pretty bad, and when I pulled out the springs and valves I noticed this. Is this something I can get a machine shop to replace? I couldn't...
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    1983 Ranger Spare Tire Location

    That's weird, my truck came with a factory in bed tire carrier. Maybe that's because mine is dual tanks?
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    2.9 JBA Headers, 2 sets EGR and Non EGR

    Is the 88+ set still available?
  7. FirstGenRanger

    James Duff Long Tube Headers?

    I know the topic of headers has been absolutely beat to death, but after searching all day I have found almost no information on the James Duff long tube headers for the Ford Ranger 302 swap, other than a couple people mentioning that they have a reputation for poor fitment. Does anyone have...
  8. FirstGenRanger

    289 Rods in a 2.9L?

    I was curious if anyone has tried to run 289 rods in a 2.9 before? the dimensions are pretty close with the 289 rods being 0.01" longer.
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    1986 Resto Ranger

    The wife and I bought this truck last fall for $400. We needed a cheap truck for going to the hardware store, and whatnot. Plus I wanted a bit of a project It's a 1986 Ranger, 4x4, manual transmission, 2.9L, with dual tanks. Its had a cheap respray at some point, so from a distance it...
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    2.9 Ignition Coil Resistor?

    Does anyone know the purpose of the 22k ohm resistor going to the ignition coil? I was planning on switching to an msd ignition, and was wondering if this was necessary to keep
  11. FirstGenRanger

    Aftermarket Fuel Rail

    Has anyone ever found an aftermarket fuel rail for the 2.9l? Morana Racing makes one for the 4.0l but nothing comes up for the 2.9. I tried searching online, and within the forum but I was not able to find anything