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    Coming back to Rangers and to TRS

    Been awhile! Back in 2011 I sold my 94 Ranger because I was moving and I didn't think it could make the trip. As soon as it drove away, I regretted the decision. Since then, I've been looking for a new Ranger. I made a few less than ideal vehicle decisions (*cough*Jeep*cough*s10*coughcough*)...
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    Road trip help, guys

    Hey there. So, I'm going to be driving from Haines, Alaska, down into Washington state in about two weeks, and I realized while I was calculating gas prices that I have no idea how much gas is costing in Canada, particularly since you guys use liters and we use gallons. How much does it...
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    Lift please!

    Hey, I was wondering if I could get a 'shop of a 2" body lift. Trying to decide if I want to do one.
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    That's not good...

    Any guesses on what this part used to be? I think it's part of the radiator mount, but I honestly can't tell.
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    Tonneau covers

    Has anyone ever fabbed their own tonneau cover? I'm looking at making a soft top, and I'm wondering if there are any materials you guys suggest over any others. (I'm leaning toward vinyl, since I currently live in rain country, and I'm joining the army - who knows where they'll send me) Right...
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    1994 Ranger - starting small

    A little history on my truck - I bought my truck in 2010, and ran it almost into the ground from February to May. I bought it knowing that the PO's hadn't taken too much care of it, that they lived up on a killer hill, and that it had lived it's whole life in SE Alaska (rainforest country)...
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    Second Ranger

    Hey there, my name's Kellie, and I was directed here by a friend of mine. I'm currently driving my second Ford Ranger. I originally owned a 1987 Ranger, automatic, 2.9, four wheel drive. It was a great truck and the engine could have kept on going, but the transmission gave out. I sold it to a...