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  1. felgar_1

    2.5L ('98-'01) 2000 2.5 o2 sensor voltage

    hi, thanks, when i start tuning the engine, i figure i would not have to get a data logger just for the wide band if the ecm runs it.
  2. felgar_1

    Ranger limited dualplug turbo build

    my version of your build. 2000 2.5 with 2.3 crank, cp pistons and h beam rods, 2.5 head ported and polished with 1.89 intakes, 1.59 exhaust, 2.5 bopart cam, turbo and nos
  3. felgar_1

    2.5L ('98-'01) 2000 2.5 o2 sensor voltage

    hi, i trying to find the voltage spec. on the o2 sensor as what the ecm sees. i bought a wideband o2 sensor and i am trying to see if i can wire it into the ecm
  4. felgar_1

    2.3L ('83-'97) calling on experience with a milled head for higher compression

    if you do it get a good shop to mill it, it has to be flat or your belt will not ride right. you can mill the block a little too, also get an adjustable cam gear or your timing will be off, you can do head work with larger valves and cam and get more power out of it,
  5. felgar_1

    SOLD! 1987 Ranger 4x4

    hi, i wanted to get this but things went south and the car spun a rod bearing and i have to buy a driver, sorry about that. thanks for your time
  6. felgar_1

    2.5L ('98-'01) dis to cop

    i am building a turbo ranger and have to move the coil packs anyway. i figured it was easier to locate two coils then a coil pack, i could put two coils at each corner of the engine, i am running out of room to put things.
  7. felgar_1

    2.5L ('98-'01) dis to cop

    hi, all has anyone changed from the two coil packs to the coil on plug coils"
  8. felgar_1

    2008 Ford Ranger 5.0 Coyote Swapped 6 Speed Manual

    i have seen that one on there before, i think it was last year if i remember right. when i seen it someone else had it for 1/3 of that price. they took all mustang parts and put them in a ranger,
  9. felgar_1

    99 Ranger 2.5 Fuel Pressure Specs

    you thought of the iac. if it is sticking it would cause a hesitation
  10. felgar_1

    O2 and Emission Codes nightmare - 3 years running

    i got rid of mine along time ago.
  11. felgar_1

    O2 and Emission Codes nightmare - 3 years running

    make sure your hoses and the ports on the dpfe are clear they like to plug up. ether use a scan tool to clear the ecm or unhook your bat and turn the key on should clear them, also make sure your grounds are clean they can cause alot of faults too,
  12. felgar_1

    99 Ranger 2.5 Fuel Pressure Specs

    60 to 65 psi they will run on anything above 45 psi but will be low on power. what procedure are you looking for?
  13. felgar_1

    So what should be included here?

    well i am working on turboing my 2000 ford ranger, i am swaping in a 2.3 crank and rods. i have already put 1.89 intake and 1.6 exhaust valves in, boport cam. i am going to build my own intake. i still need the intercooler,piping and do the rest of the pumbing also i will need tuning for the...
  14. felgar_1

    For Sale Parting out 96 ranger

    hi, that's what I have been finding. they get 200,000 miles and they crack, well thanks anyway, david
  15. felgar_1

    Wanted wtb 98-00 2.5 bare head

    wtb 98-00 2.5 bare head, no cracks or been over heated, for what I am going to do to it, it will have to be reasonable. if the cam did not slide out nicely it won't work for me, my zip is 61531 for shipping cost, pm me what you have, thanks david

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