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    Fuel Pressure Regulator

    i had some injectors from my old bronco2 5.0 .. they are 42lbs.. stock turbos are 35lbs...i can correct it if i turn my fuel pressure down?? i dont have wide band yet(till payday) so how do i figure how much i should decrease the pressure?? thanx guys!!:icon_thumby:
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    where u at?

    Just wondering if anybody in around delaware has a 2.3t ranger?? id like to compare notes sorta and maybe run em!!if ur not from the area then where u at turbo rbv owners :icon_cheers:
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    Turbo Spark

    i think there is something wrong with my computer and or vam ivee tested the vam as per stinger performance and it is shot, but my timeing doesnt advance with or without spout connector plug in. is this a problem with my computer and could the vam be fine?? the donor car didnt have a windshield...