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  1. Offset and Back Spacing

    Couple questions. i have searched over the different threads here haven't quite found the answer i'm looking for. i'm changing the wheels on my 97 Ranger and don't really know how to judge what i should look for. Stock back spacing acording to the dealer mechanic i talked to is 4.5 in, but i...
  2. Northeastern clubs

    Just moved to Northern Va. Looking for anyone who knows of any groups or clubs for Ranger off-roading, that except 2WD. Anybody? gettin bored with playing with myself :shok:.
  3. need help finding good tires

    Ok, I know there are all kinds of threads on here about "what tire should i get?" and i apologize for adding another one. Here is what i got 97' Ranger, 2.3L, putting a RC 4" susp lift on it, and no it's not a 4X4. i am building up this truck for my baby sister and yes it will eventually be...
  4. 97' ranger new to the lift game

    hello! i have recently gained an intrest in putting a lift on my 97' ranger, and figured the best place to ask questions and get help is to go to the people who know. so here is my truck as it is right now: stock. pretty point blank right. i have owned my 97' since 97' so i pretty much know...
  5. Shaken like a wet dog

    Hey ya'll, it's been a good long while since i have been able to get on here and i got a new problem. for anyone not familiar with me and my truck it's a 97 2.3l 2WD step side with a 4r55e. i got a new tranny put in about three months ago. so here's the latest thing i need help on. Once I start...
  6. o/d drive 4r55e

    i have a '97 ford ranger 2.3L 2wd 4r55e. i can't drive my car in o/d in 1st and 2nd gear but when i get to about 35-40 mph i can engage it again and it works but i have to be careful how hard i touch the gas, to much and the tranny disengages and the engine winds up and i have to wait till it...

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