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    I think I almost had a heart attack!

    So today I was bored at work and figured I would look up a new battery and get a price on it since we are an Exide dealer. My battery of choice was the Exide "Northstar" Part number PL-AGM65M. It's an AGM battery that's a direct replacement for my Explorer. Gave the boss the part number and...
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    4.0 OHV to 4.0 OHC swap

    So... as we all know, the probability of finding a good "used" 4.0 OHV engine is becoming scarce as time goes on. Where I am, the OHV engine are rare to say the least... BUT!... the availability of the OHC engines is becoming a more tantalizing and readily available idea. I'm wondering if anyone...
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    How hot is too hot?

    Just got finished installing new 4.88 gears and I was wondering just how hot is too hot for a differential to be with new gears? As it is now, if I take it for a short drive (as per the instructions) the differential gets real warm to the touch... not a burning hot, but warmer than warm and...
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    BW 1354, who has cooked one.

    Well, seeing as mine took a crap on me, and everyone seems to think they are a great transfer case, I wanna know who (besides myself) has had one fail. Mine, was driving on the hi way doing a pleasurable 100 kph (62 mph) when I came upon a controlled intersection. Tapped the brakes to turn off...
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    feedback on an Auburn E-locker

    Ok.. As the title of this thread stated, I'm looking for feedback on an Auburn ECDET locker. I'm giving this one consideration for a number of reasons.. First and foremost, My Explorer IS a...
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    4.0 engine timing

    After reading through NUMEROUS threads on engine pinging and detonation, I do have a question... Is it possible to "adjust the timing" by moving the cam shaft position sensor? Kinda at my witts end here trying to figure out the root of my engine pinging. Any help would be greatly appreciated...
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    Dana 44 SAS 2wd

    I have been looking into that swap also. From what I can see, your gonna require a minimum 6 inch lift to make things clear. Clearance issues are around the engine cross member. Other than that, seems like a far cry easier than swapping in TTB.
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    tire input.

    Hey guys and gals. I'm in the market for some new tires for my Ranger. I have been looking for some time now and have almost made up my mind. I'm looking at the Pro Comp Extreme MT. I was wondering if anyone has used them and if I could get some...
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    Tera Flex Revolving shackles

    I'm curious... has anyone here ever tried Tera Flex revolving leaf spring shackles on the rear of a Ranger? It looks to me that it would be a great idea to increase articulation in the rear. Any feedback would be great!
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    Modified TTB and TIB Parts.

    Just figured since I had many of the "after market" web sites saved to my favorites I would post at least ONE link here for the extream enthusiast. It took me many hours to find this site and after what happened with the server crap, I feel it's only fitting I post it here. Please feel free to...