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  1. evanesce69

    SETX members???

    Anyone in the southeast Texas area? Any events in the Texas area?
  2. evanesce69

    Explorer Rear End - Spider Gear Wear?

    Was there any metal in the oil? flakes, dust or chunks? if there was I would replace them and overhaul the whole thing.
  3. evanesce69

    93 Ford Ranger Dana 44 Install

    Took her to the beach over the weekend... Made over $200 pulling people out of the sand, donation only of course (cash, beer, soda, water, pizza, links...). Was axle deep in loose sand pulling cars, 2wd trucks, SUV's, broke 4x4 trucks... front axle spun both tires consistently even without the...
  4. evanesce69

    Need some information about 2.3L turbo crank!

    I've bought a 2.5L sohc from a 97 Ranger that had two pistons grenade. Fortunately the block cleaned up at .040" but the crank was thrashed. My ultimate goal is turbocharging this engine and replacing my 3.0L. I know the bell housings on the engines are different between the 2.3/2.5 and the...
  5. evanesce69

    93 Ford Ranger Dana 44 Install

    Bobby- I had looked at the RCV shafts... if I have issues with these in the future that is the way I will go. I haven't done a lot of high travel situations so I stuck with the D50 inner stub and slip yoke. I did have the right side inner shaft made with extra spline length just in case...
  6. evanesce69

    93 Ford Ranger Dana 44 Install

    I've got the front end together. I'm going to resize all my photos so that I can post more pics. Had Moser Engineering make a custom length right inner shaft along with the left inner and both outer. That are all 4140 chromoly with CTM u joints installed (PNC144-1881).
  7. evanesce69

    93 Ford Ranger Dana 44 Install

    i have posited updated photos in posts 2 and 3... the center chunk on the bench and in the truck., photos showing how much to shorten the inner shaft the shortened inner shaft is being sent to Moser for making a new one. also going to have CTM u joints put in the differential joint (1350...
  8. evanesce69

    93 Ford Ranger Dana 44 Install

    Jim- Picking up the D50 chunk tonight after work. Going to bolt it up to the beam and measure for the right side axle.. Stock D44 is too long and D35 is too short, 4" difference.... I figure I'll split the difference Besides, bolting the D44 beams onto the Ranger mounts narrows the track...
  9. evanesce69

    misses, backfires and fuel injector issues

    ok guys... i'm at a loss... I just rebuilt a new motor for my 93 supercab 4x4. I's a 3.0 and 5 speed. here's what's happening 1) #1 cylinder runs just fine, unplug the injector and there is a noticeable change in idle. Spark is there, plug looks good with signs of normal combustio 2) #2...
  10. evanesce69

    93 Ford Ranger Dana 44 Install

    dirtcowboy - will do my friend!
  11. evanesce69

    93 Ford Ranger Dana 44 Install

    There are, but I have not gotten under there to take a closer look yet.
  12. evanesce69

    Needed: BW 1354 companion flange w/3" spacing

    Guys I'm needing a rear output flange that has bolt spacing of 3" x 3". I hear they come on 2003 and newer t-cases.... Anyone have one for sale?
  13. evanesce69

    93 Ford Ranger Dana 44 Install

    Mavereq - I have considered that too... Plus that would solve the clearance issue of the calipers and lower shock mounts. Good idea!!!
  14. evanesce69

    93 Ford Ranger Dana 44 Install

    Shran - I've seriously considered moving the spring buckets out an 1.5 - 2 inches... I too don't like the angle much. One thing that I've discovered is that the calipers hit the lower shock mounts at full lock, which compresses the piston and makes a very spongy two or three pedal pumps...
  15. evanesce69

    Bigger axle swap

    With a diesel your current D35 front axle will see lots of problems, the added weight of the deisel and the torque it produces. The wheel bearings on a D35 are back to back and SMALL. They won't last long. I'd go with a 63" width Ford 9" and D44 beams up front similar to what I'm doing in my...