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    garage turbo ranger burnout

    got bored haha http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3nuUZCQZs3M&list=HL1352613263&feature=mh_lolz 3nuUZCQZs3M&feature=youtu.be
  2. Endoverend47

    turbo header almost done

    got a lot of work done on my header today. its all .120 wall mild steel and mandrel bent. so i really dont think it will crack. any way on to the pictures its kind of a cross between a log style and john hubers header design
  3. Endoverend47

    turbo ranger take 2

    well seeing as how this is technicaly a new truck with some of the old truck in it i figure it should have its own thread, because well its a different truck lol ill spare the long text and just let the pictures do most of the talking specs 1984 reg cab ranger 1986 thunderbird turbocoupe 2.3l...
  4. Endoverend47

    found my old truck on craigslist...

    kinda wanna buy it back...all he did was put 35s on it, i was running 33s http://seattle.craigslist.org/kit/cto/3184773579.html
  5. Endoverend47

    83 Ranger lowering?

    i would also use the djm dream beams for a 89-97, that way you have the newer balljoint style and you can use the knuckle off of a 1995-97 and have the bolt on twin piston calipers. thats what i did on my 84
  6. Endoverend47

    Finally here! PiMP

    finally got my PiMP! Just studying everything and becoming familiar with it before i put it in! Features/Capabilities: -VE Analyze Live "Auto Tune" (More Info) -Ignition Spark Control -Fuel Control -Idle Control -Table Switching -Electronic Boost Control -Rev Limiter Control -Launch Control...
  7. Endoverend47

    STOTM curse?

    so october street truck of the month was cut up and sold. well guess what...mine (november STOTM) fishtailed on some ice and i couldn't save it and rolled in a deep ditch and is done, happened about 2 hours ago...still can't believe what happened. i will have pictures up tomorrow. oh and theres...
  8. Endoverend47

    4/4 drop,fmic, lots of pictures and a video

    finally got the drop done, and the upper intake, and FMIC. rear disks and newer twin piston calipers work so well Both of my trucks Rear Disks! and the video...damn open dif! http://youtu.be/Pxnm9BQd-Dw fallow the link...couldnt get it to embed
  9. Endoverend47

    fmic and aluminum upper intake

    its almost done!!!!
  10. Endoverend47

    can't show you everything.....(teaser)

    well everyone already knows about the 2.3t in my 87 ranger...but its undergoing some surgery.....and this is all I'm putting up for now till its all done, lets just say there will be a ton of tig welded aluminum under the hood :thefinger:
  11. Endoverend47

    87 turbo ranger

    figured its time for a build thread instead of posting a bunch of new threads1987 regular cab ford ranger....well not your typical ranger under the hood....2.3l turbo swap from a thunderbird turbo coupe, running 15psi. wideband and front mount will be done in the next week or so. on the...
  12. Endoverend47

    aluminum dash, autometer gauges

    almost done with the dash, what do you all think?
  13. Endoverend47


    got a new truck, i have wanted to do a turbo thunderbird swap...well one turned up already done for a great price, well it does need a lot of work to be where i want it, but runs awesome, so much power! on to the pics
  14. Endoverend47

    never been done?!?!?!

    so Rob from Stainless Brain Fabrication (www.stainlessbrainfab.com) and i are planning to do something thats normally a "jeep" thing......TUBE FRONT FENDERS!!! anyone interested in a set?:headbang: heres some he has built for jeeps, the ranger shouldn't be a problem. examples of the work SBF...
  15. Endoverend47

    mazda got hit.....

    yup my baby got hit :/ i was turning left and the guy blew threw a stop sign and slammed in to me...would have hit the cab if i didnt drop it a gear and floor it. my guess is insurance is going to total it...but i will buy her back and do a flat bed with some full widths under her....still a sad...