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  1. My New House & Workshop

    Oh and above all else do get locates, I have been doing this for 35 years and have cut through gas lines telephone electric water sewer you name it I probably cut it, my bad.
  2. My New House & Workshop

    You probably have VCP pipe, I would recommend going with sch 40 pipe it will stand up better than sdr 35 plastic pipe. Also going around your building may not work depending on how much fall there is from the house to property line. The standard fall for sewer pipe is 1/4 inch per foot to the...
  3. Trim

    I just removed the rest of the black material and polished the aluminum to a high shine.
  4. Shift knob

    heat gun or hair dryer works well get it nice and warm , it will pull right off.
  5. Seat swap

    it was a freak wind storm we lost a lot of trees, the car that was 25 foot ahead of my truck was smashed flat sucked to be him.
  6. Seat swap

    I just took the seats out of my 98 and installed them into my 93 bolted up just fine but had to change out the seat belt parts on the seat. Do to the newer style buckle setup, no biggie. You are thinking why did I do that, dang tree fell on my 98s cab darn the luck.
  7. ‘93 Ford Ranger Long Bed

    last fall I bought a 93 Ranger for $2000. It has 4wd a paint matching topper and very little rust, and I named it Barney because he is purple. I think you should try to talk him down because of the rust. I do like the explorer seats and the interior is fantastic.
  8. 90 ranger 2.3 fan clutch issue.

    126.7 and 114.1 according to my Chilton manual.
  9. 90 ranger 2.3 fan clutch issue.

    the concave part of the fan should be toward the engine, your first two photos it is correct.

    Then you will know when you have hit 88 miles per hour!
  11. Side mirrors

    Ditto on the rivet nuts
  12. changing out key cylinder?

    I am with AllenD my wif and I each have keys for each and every vehicle and spares in the safe , 3 rangers 1 bII 1 mustang 1 motorcycle , I know a lot of keys what can say.
  13. Explorer seat covers?

    Might try Nicole at The Seat Shop , got a perfect match for my 2000 ford explorer seats that I installed in my ranger.
  14. No rear turn or brake lights.

    check your fuses, I found that issue on one of our work trucks.
  15. Body mount hardware?

    Ace is the place, they carry fine thread bolts, at least in Colorado Springs they do.