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  1. Eddo Rogue

    Remove oil pan 1990 Bronco2 ?

    Would you rather wrestle or wrench? me I would rent a cherry picker and yank the thing to wrench proper and comfortably. once its back in, a floor jack and 2x4 under the crank pulley should give the flex a roo you need to finagle the trans back in. Nothings too heavy on a ranger, especially...
  2. Eddo Rogue

    Speedometer Calibration -Techs Please

    Its much easier to make the adjustment in your head. I use the my phone gps speedo to calibrate.
  3. Eddo Rogue

    Sounds like a Mack truck

    What did you find?
  4. Eddo Rogue

    Sounds like a Mack truck

    cracked/warped exhaust manifold(s)?
  5. Eddo Rogue

    Wanted 4.0 OHV valve covers

    I have a brand new oil fill side I won't be needing.
  6. Eddo Rogue

    Diagnosis suggestions for F150 front end issues.

    Hey guys, thought I'd update this thread. Noticed weird wear on my front tires, which indicated worn shocks/ out of balance tires. Noticed weights missing off the wheels. took em in, all 4 were out of balance. One was really bad. Balanced and rotated the tires, and it helped a lot! I...
  7. Eddo Rogue

    Spring rate vs Load rating?

    Nice, ever haul a drunk buddy home on those? looks smooth....
  8. Eddo Rogue

    Spring rate vs Load rating?

    I have 1050 lb springs. Hauling a dirt bike and its gear is no problem. It rides nice empty too. I once drove a drunk friend home back there, cab was full. He said it was the smoothest laying in the bed of a truck ride home he's ever had. I am happy with them.
  9. Eddo Rogue

    Slow acceleration +funky sounding exhaust

    Stuff like this, that is obvious but not to me....and would take me a lot of time and head scratching to diagnose, and probably some parts....is when I just take it to the dealer. I tell them what's going on, and I want a diagnosis. Its $100 bucks. They find the problem and ask me if I want it...
  10. Eddo Rogue

    Spring rate vs Load rating?

    I was shopping for leaf springs, and rock auto and one other site (I think james duff) actually provided specs like load rate, spring rate, #of leafs, and even free arch as well. I noticed some of the same load rate springs came in different size free archs. Hope his helps.
  11. Eddo Rogue

    Thinking about new handgun purchase.

    I tried my buddy's with the octagon barrel. Fell in love. Made a can dance around lobbing em from 150 yards open sights.
  12. Eddo Rogue

    1989 Cracking fan blades

    You can test fit it. It might.
  13. Eddo Rogue

    DIY table tennis aka ping pong table base.

    Fun fact and tongue twister: King Kong went to Hong Kong to play Ping Pong with his Ding Dong.
  14. Eddo Rogue

    Replacing coolant temperature sensor in 4.0L

    I was hoping Ron would step in with a more detailed how to lol. Do what he said.

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