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    Dana 35 with and without ABS

    Concerning the SLA, I am only going to 33s
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    Dana 35 with and without ABS

    Thanks that is really helpful! So ABS doesn't matter essentially in finding a donor axle. What about SLA? All that has to do with is rotation of the gear correct? So I should be able to swap in an SLA on my 89 BII? What about Disconnect vs. non-disconnect. The tech article doesn't explain it, it...
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    Replaced all I could think of but not starting(fuel?)

    Been there! Good work!
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    1988 Bronco II Virginia Trail Build

    Looking forward to the build!
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    Gosh darn dang rattle from 2500 to 3000 RPMs

    So its not the accessories and timing is good. I am really starting to think its the lifters. So what now? I could replace the camshaft and lifters. Not too pricey to do, but is time intensive. I assume I should also do the timing stuff while I am at it. On the other hand, I could just use lucas...
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    My Mantra!
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    Dana 35 with and without ABS

    I think you are porbably right, but the junkyards have some older axles listed that way. In my experience, most junkyards have no clue what parts they actually have or ANY details about them.
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    Dana 35 with and without ABS

    I am Searching for a dana 35 to swap into my 89 BII. Some are listed with ABS and some without. What exactly is the physical difference in in the axle with an ABS model? Can I swap an ABS axle into a non-ABS truck?
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    Wanted WANTED- Dana 35 in New.England

    Anyone have a dana 35 somewhere in new england you would like to sell? I am having the darndest time finding one up here.
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    Papaw's BII

    puts hair on your chest! breath deep boys
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    For Sale 89 BII Chrome bumpers (and more stuff)

    As you can see the bumpers are in great shape. The last pic is of the inside of the front bumper. That rust is surface rust, but I would take care of it ASAP. Let me know, 150 OBO
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    Mazda Navajo Dana 35?

    1991, so it has to be a true Dana 35, right? no SLA or hybrid stuff. Found one for cheap, so I would like to pounce on it if its the real deal.
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    For Sale 89 BII Chrome bumpers (and more stuff)

    Sure, PM me your number if you want me to text them. Other wise i can post some a little later tonight