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  1. E4Ranger

    Swap out 4sp to a 5sp(TK-5)

    Looking at swapping out my 4sp tranny to a 5sp for better driveability at higher speeds on the interstate. Looks like a TK-5 would work. I have a 83 2.3L, 2wd shortbed. Is this a simple swap? Thanks!
  2. E4Ranger

    Hydrualic clutch question

    I have a 1983 Ranger with a leaky slave cylinder. My repair manual says I must replace the whole hydrualic clutch system (resevoir, master and slave cylinders, pre-bleed from factory) as a unit for the 1983-84 Rangers. Is this correct? I have removed the system and see no disconnects for the...
  3. E4Ranger

    '83 front end rebuild- help

    Just wondering how difficult a front end rebuild on my 1983 Ranger would be, and if parts are still available. Never done any front end work on it and its about to fall apart- had to park it! Thanks in advance.
  4. E4Ranger

    need help w/ wiper linkage

    Fellow Ranger drivers- I turned on my wipers the other day and my drivers side worked for a second , then snap, it stopped. I heard a scratching like sound in the cowling, so I took off the access panel under the hood to find out that the wiper arm linkage had fallen of the end. I tried to put...