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  1. dvdswan

    Bolt Dimensions

    Sounds like the bolt ran away with the 10mm. You know what that means. I don't know the size but you could start with a 1/4-20 and go up/down from there. It may even be metric.
  2. dvdswan

    New guy here.

    Welcome to the site. 87 bronco 2 no spark | The Ranger Station 89 bronco II wont start | The Ranger Station 88 bronco 2 help...no spark | The Ranger Station 1987 Ford Ranger 2.9 No Spark | The Ranger Station
  3. dvdswan

    RTR Prerunner

    Throw 100k at a newer Ranger make it desert race ready, make a 30 minute video, do 1 minute of racing through the desert, 4 minutes climbing rocks and steep hills, and 20 minutes of talk and end with beating up 2 cars in the desert. SMH They had the camera seat set up in the rear cab they...
  4. dvdswan

    Dana 30 SAS

    Welcome to the site. Why not use a 90 or newer axle. They're a Dana 35 instead of a Dana 28.
  5. dvdswan

    Bigger power wires

    Ran mine on top of the frame from the front pass to rear driver. I did have the cab and bed off though.
  6. dvdswan

    New wiper from Jeep...

    Meh, either slow down and don't splash the windshield or wait for the 2nd swipe to clear the dirty water. Take the 140 and buy a GMRS radio. I'd like to see how it cleans the mud clumps off...
  7. dvdswan

    New Bronco II owner

    Welcome to the site.
  8. dvdswan

    Back again

    Welcome back to the site.
  9. dvdswan


    Very cool. I was hoping to see some engine mods though like the mustangs get.
  10. dvdswan

    Evap Drain.

    I'll try and look for mine after work today.
  11. dvdswan

    DIY table tennis aka ping pong table base.

    Good thing it wasn't with Jing Jong who got the thing wrong all over a hit song by Sisqo... Thong th th thong thong.
  12. dvdswan

    DIY table tennis aka ping pong table base.

    It's a ping pong table don't over think it.... ping pong table base only - Google Search How to Build a Ping Pong Table : 9 Steps - Instructables a couple of saw horses would work just fine too.
  13. dvdswan


    Welcome to the site. What he said^^^^....
  14. dvdswan

    The Aluminium Falcon

    Did you leave a stalker note? "Take care of my baby!" would be a good one. very open to interpretation.

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