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Recent content by Duke

  1. Duke

    Duke's 1991 Green Ranger

    Here are some pictures of my 1991, 2wd, 4.0 5spd. It has air bags with an engine mounted compressor in the place of the a/c. Two tanks right behind the cab in the bed. Half inch air lines The rear is a 4 link and has an access door from the inside of the bed. Notched frame It has a fuel cell...
  2. Duke

    The Drift Ranger Is In The Works Need Help

    I really like the 2.3T idea too.:headbang: I have always wanted to get one, but thought they only came in the Mustang SVOs. It looks like they are the same engine. I'd like to see a pic as well, even if just to get a starting point.
  3. Duke

    New Member from Wisconsin

    I have visited this site off and on for quite some time and finally decided to join. I currently own an extended cab Green Ranger that is bagged, shaved, has a 4 link rear, 4.0, 5 spd, 18s, custom tweed interior, 2.25" exhaust slide back roof section and quite a few other mods. This winter I am...

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