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  1. Torx bit size?

    I ended up picking up a set of Torx Plus bits as none of the Allen keys fit right. Thanks everyone!
  2. Torx bit size?

    Thank you all, I will try that today.
  3. Torx bit size?

    It's like it's an in between size. My Torx bits are either too big or too small. I tried to do a Google search but didn't dee anything in a cursory scan, that's why I posted here as there are more knowledgeable folks on this site.
  4. Torx bit size?

    I am disassembling the dash on my 1987 Ranger and I am removing the harnesses on the steering column (so I can remove the steering shaft to pull the cab off the frame), but I am not finding a torx bit size in my set to remove the main ignition harness, anyone know what gives?
  5. Exhaust ports 2.0 2.3

    Are they the same configuration? I found this quote "2.0 is an underbored 2.3, with the exception of the bore the blocks are identical to all 2.3" Can I use a header from a 2.3 on my 2.0? Sorry, newbie question I'm sure, but I have to ask.
  6. 1986 ranger xl 2.8 part out oil city PA

    So is mine. Thank you for answering. I might have to bite the bullet and get a repro. I am looking for other items too. I just got this 87 and have the big to fix it up
  7. Wanted 1987 block off plate.

    The plate that blocks off where a mechanical fuel pump would mount on a 2.0L.
  8. 1986 ranger xl 2.8 part out oil city PA

    Do you still have the dash pad?
  9. Bed bolt question

    Thanks guys! Already used the Tannerite on an old console TV, so the others I will try.
  10. Bed bolt question

    In trying to remove the T55 bed bolts, 2 clips have broken. I shot them from below with Bolt Buster and let the set for a while before attempting to remove. Any one have a solution for removal? Thanks!
  11. 2.3L ('83-'97) 74 Pinto to 90 Ranger

    I think you're right. I need to figure out what engined will bolt up to that 4 speed OD trans and pick one up.
  12. 2.3L ('83-'97) 74 Pinto to 90 Ranger

    Dirtman, I have the 87 Ranger that the previous owner tried to put the 2.0 carb on a EFI motor. I found an 87 with EFI at a local salvage yard. What components would I need to get to put this motor back to EFI? Remember this is originally a carb 2.0 truck.
  13. 2.3L ('83-'97) Is there a sticky on converting a fuel injection motor to carb?

    RonD here on TRS said that the ballast went away in the 70s. But you own an 87 and can confirm it has one? Thanks for the help.

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