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    Staring Problems

    I have a 99' ford explorer with a 5.0l... I have done a full tune and post what up below what I replaced so far.. But my troubles are the the motors turns but it has a hard time starting up and starter has to turn the motor for extended times in order for the motor to start up... This does not...
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    Obd II program

    I have any laptop laying around and was wondering instead of buying a scanner if anyone knows where I can get a program for free or next to nothing instead of buying a 3k scanner ??? I am for a program that does almost everything .. Thanks Jason
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    My Klipper Sidewinder rebuild

    Well guys I am still working my dead end job for now.. But I can't afford to build and attempt anything with a truck for a while.. So I got a klipper kart for a tip because I am a two truck driver.. So I am rebuilding it so I have something to build and to play with that is not expensive to run...
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    Money problem

    I drive a tow truck for AAA for a living and i work 60 + hours per week and only bring home $200 for the week,because i get paid commission and AAA has been giving our work to some else ..Oh every week i have to pay my ex-girlfriend and her mom $75 to pay off my explorer ..I have a 4 months old...
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    NEW Ranger problems

    I drive a tow truck for AAA and lately i have been getting a lot of ford rangers and Mazda that don't start because the fuel pump is not turning on .. Well i tried resting the inertia switch but it was not trip ,so i hit it to set the safety off so i can rest it and guess what after i rest it...
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    I need pro help

    I have been try to install better games on my computer and it say that i need a shader model of 3.0 or better and the card the i have only runs 2.0 shader model.. my old card is a Hightech Excalibur Radeon 9550se .. I am looking into buying a new card with 512mb of ram ,so i can run my new...
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    Bought a newer truck

    I just bought a 99 ford explorer with the 5.0l V8 for $3700 with 124,000 miles and was wondering whats you thoughts about the truck???:icon_confused:
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    I killed it!!!!

    I have a 96 4wd ranger w/4.0l v6 with a automatic tranny ( 4R55E TRANNY ). Well here the problem I was driving down the street and the truck started to slow down but the motor was still running and stayed at the same rpm and the truck came to a stop.. The tranny shifts into ever gear but as...
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    Please help!!!!!

    I have a 99 hyundai Elantra with the 16v 2.0l ,w/ automatic tranny.. My problem is that the car will go into drive but has problems up shifting and reverse does does not even work... I have taken the pan down and put new fuild in it and a new filter but with no help... I took the pan down...
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    New Egpyt speed way

    Sunday April 25th is Mud in the pines Season Opener. We got a whole new event with a new mud pit, Fast track racing, Beater car racing and a monster bus for the kids to get rides in. check out the website for more info click here for more info
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    What bank????

    I have to get a new bank account soon because I had owed TD bank money for that whole crap that they screwed up and screwed everyone else... I was going to pay but because it was not fast enough for them .. They closed my account and now i have to find a new bank... I am just seeing what bank i...
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    Help with Baseball swing for kids or adults

    Links and info removed pending more details. -Ryan
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    F-150 coil spacer

    I have a junk yard by me who has the coil spacer and i can get them for $10.00 or so and i was wonder do you have to do anything to the suspension with the spacer in?? Also how does it ride with them in ?? Does anyone have them and whats there opinion about running them and does anyone have...
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    lost in thought!!!!

    I got 4 offroad lights for Christmas and i just mounted them and just finished the wiring harness with the relays... My problems is that i have to hook up 2 switches but i have no clue where to mount them and would like any input with pics please because i am at my wits ends right...
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    battery terminal

    I want to change out the battery wires and the battery terminals on my 96 ranger.. I bought and used the Scosche High Power Gold Battery Terminal and let me tell you i had so many problems... I would go to the store and shut my truck off and then come back and start the truck back up and all i...