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  1. 2000 5.0 Explorer Swap Into 98 Ranger 4.0

    I'm always a fan of stronger so the BW4406 calls to me. I have two worries though. 1. Fitment. I'm not sure I have the welding skills or equipment to move the engine over to make room. 2. Driveshafts. In the Explorer thread it talks about using a 4.6L front and a 5.4L rear with and adapter...
  2. 2000 5.0 Explorer Swap Into 98 Ranger 4.0

    ah, that makes sense! Thank you!
  3. 2000 5.0 Explorer Swap Into 98 Ranger 4.0

    So if I went this method would I still need to find an AWD Explorer or will a 4x4 be fine?
  4. New guy here from SW Washington

    Thank you very much!
  5. 2000 5.0 Explorer Swap Into 98 Ranger 4.0

    So another question. Everywhere say's the AWD is the easiest to swap. Is that because it's a direct bolt in? I plan on either getting the adapter and using my 1354 or swapping to something else. Haven't decided yet. With that in mind does it matter if I get an AWD or 4x4 Explorer? The...
  6. 2000 5.0 Explorer Swap Into 98 Ranger 4.0

    I guess we will find out!
  7. 2000 5.0 Explorer Swap Into 98 Ranger 4.0

    Either way is fine. I'm sure I will be making a trip to junkyard at least once. :ROFLMAO: I'll definitely check the explorer first though. The more I can get from the explorer the better. It's nice to know there is an OEM cover. It will look a lot better then what I would make.
  8. 2000 5.0 Explorer Swap Into 98 Ranger 4.0

    Do you guys know if when going from manual to automatic if the steering shaft with the shifter and gage cluster from the Explorer are direct swaps? The less I have to hunt down the better. Thank you!
  9. Retrofitting Air Conditioning>

    So it sounds like everything from the explorer should worth with the possible exception of the AC heater box (too big) and the controller. That sounds super doable to me. Thank you for the pin information as well! That will come in very handy!
  10. Retrofitting Air Conditioning>

    Ahh, ok. Makes sense. I may still have to do some junkyard searching. No big deal. I think having the majority already available will be biggest thing.
  11. Retrofitting Air Conditioning>

    Oh well. Getting most of it in one place it better than having to search all over the place. If all I need to find is the controller that is good for me! Thank you!
  12. Retrofitting Air Conditioning>

    The control unit from the Explorer won't fit? I was kinda hoping that the dash was pretty much all the same. I guess that would be too easy, huh?
  13. Retrofitting Air Conditioning>

    I have a '99 XL with no A/C and am thinking about doing the Explorer 5.0 swap and got to wondering if while I'm swapping out the engine if it was possible to add A/C at the same time. Does anyone have any experience with this? Or any advice? It sure would be nice to have A/C in my truck. Not...
  14. New guy here from SW Washington

    Hello everyone! My name is Donovan and I have a '99 Ranger XL - 4x4 - 3.0L - 5 Speed - Xtra Cab. For now it's pretty much bone stock. I'm in plans to swab out the 3.0L with an Explorer 5.0L and going auto. I think that's pretty much a done deal. Well in my mid it is. We shall see what the...