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  1. Replacing leaf springs tomorrow

    Later Rangers when to 14mm bolts which are fractionally smaller than the earlier 9/16" ones. 'Wiggle' room is there to allow fast assembly on the line. I can't remember if the flanged nuts are one time use and crimped so that the threads interfere - which keeps them from falling off later...
  2. Going the other way with gears

    @JoshT has a '99, so in that magic range. Anything else, changing ratio and/or tire size impacts speedometer. Note: 7.5" VVS has 102 teeth; 8.8 has 108 teeth and if you want to install a 9.75", its VVS would have 120 teeth. Important when swapping axles in '98-'00 Rangers as that messes with...
  3. Replacing leaf springs tomorrow

    The problem is the bolt will be seized to the bushing and the inner sleeve will just tear free from the rubber and spin when you try to remove. Bed bolts on trucks I have repaired have been in just as bad or worse to remove than spring bolts, so I can recommend that. The wimps way out is to...
  4. Going the other way with gears

    Just as reference point: 1999 2wd Rangers came with 3.55s & 225/70r15s; and the "mileage ratio" for 4wds was 3.27 with 215/75R15s. The cool part - the tone ring is same, assuming both axels have same size ring gear i.e. both are 8.8s. so your speedometer doesn't change.
  5. Replacing leaf springs tomorrow

    Start by applying penetrating oil a week or two before starting, Alternate buy replacement bolts and just take sawzall to existing ones, When you jack the frame up, there should be just enough space to get the bolt out. Order isn't really critical - getting the bolts out of the bushings is the...
  6. Coolest engine swap you've seen

    Cummins 555 V-8 in late 70s F-350 done in early 80s would be up there (God, it was nose heavy).
  7. Want to try 4x4

    Rear differential with 3L73 was limited slip when truck rolled off the line in '97. But 25 years later the clutches (and steels) are probably getting more than a little worn. And we will note that when clutches and steels wear, the gears in the differential move apart making less than full...
  8. 2024 Ranger

    Dallara is pumping 395hp out of 2.3 in the Stradale @ 6,200rpm! 350hp in the Focus RS is at 6k rpm vs 310hp in Mustang at 5,500 rpm - so the torque (pressure in cylinder) is pretty cost, the Focus just revs higher HP = torque (ft. lbs.) * rpm /5252
  9. 2024 Ranger

    Ford 2.3 Ecoboost in Focus RS made 350 hp; considerably more than 270 in Ranger or even the 310 in Mustang. There was an issue where "RWD" head gaskets were installed in "FWD" RS motors - and either ports didn't line up or material wasn't adequate for the higher power. We will note the Focus...
  10. 1988 Ford Ranger XLT Supercab - 7.5 Rear Axle Swap To Ford 8.8

    You put a flare on the line, so when you tighten the nut, it compresses the end of the line into the t-junction forming a seal that doesn't leaks even at >1,500 psi when you slam on the brakes. Note: Remember to put the nut, the correct way around, on the line before flaring the end of the line...
  11. 1998 Ranger XLT Purchase Advice Please

    @kngelv : Is the federal sticker on the door frame? I'm interested in axle code. (As door is replacement, I wouldn't trust what is on door). Otherwise, you have to check axle direct. '98 Ranger with 3.0 came with 3.45s as stock, but SuperCab should have 3.73s. As indicated, the small 6 is...
  12. Tractors

    Jacket for y'all
  13. 4x4 in reverse

    Door code 97 for 8.8 open, K6 or R7 for 8.8 limited slip all 3 with 4.10 gears - I've 2 Rangers with 8.8s on driveway (Explorer codes are 42 and D2 for open and limited slip 8.8s respectively - wife's Explorer Sport has D2). https://www.therangerstation.com/tech/ford-ranger-rear-axles/
  14. Want rear bumper for XLT

    @James Morse - you are correct about the 1st bumper @dvdswan posted - it is only rated class 1. Note 1: Just because a hitch has a class 3 receiver doesn't make it class 3 rated. Class 3 hitches bolt far enough forward on frame so that the load doesn't fail anything. Note 2: The fine print...
  15. Thinking out Loud about Old and new Rangers: Three Schools

    I want a 1b: Cheapest 2nd (3rd) vehicle you could buy: We've had 5 for my 3 kids and 2 nieces as 1st vehicle. They didn't cost arm & leg to buy, they only needed liability insurance, they have decent visibility and they got OK fuel economy. They were also good for teaching basic auto...

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