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  1. dhdaniel

    Navigation & Sirius question

    Awesome. thanks for the response Dave
  2. dhdaniel

    Navigation & Sirius question

    Hello guys, This maybe a dumb question, I just dont know. Will the Navigation system still work if I have my Sirius XM turned off? Is it powered by satellite or by the Onboard Wfi? I'd like to keep it. Wife uses it alot. This gets confusing Thanks Dave
  3. dhdaniel

    my 2020 Ranger

    I''ve had Fords Sync 3 system with the large panel, in 3 different trucks. Once you get it figured out , its absolutely great. My 2019 came with running boards, pretty much worthless for me. Truck is fine and serving me well. Dave
  4. dhdaniel

    Show us your 2019-2020 Ford Ranger

    Very nice, Tires and ride height look great, Can you elaborate on the "strait piped"? Dave
  5. dhdaniel

    Show us your 2019-2020 Ford Ranger

    lillburro, Your teasing us. Really nice truck. Please post more pictures! Dave
  6. dhdaniel

    another odd recall

    Received a Letter in the mail today from Ford. No Sticker, Just a simple short note to place in my manual. This Only pertains to Rangers with Push Button Starting. Its a reminder that the truck is programed to turn it self off if the engine has been idleing for an extended period of time. Dave
  7. dhdaniel

    another odd recall

    Today on my Ford Pass app I get this FSA Information FSA Title Owners Manual Engine Idle Shutdown Callout Missing Field Service Action number 20L03 thats it. Seems odd to me Dave
  8. dhdaniel

    Gun rack in 2020 supercrew

    I bought my Ranger for a daily driver to & from work. In which it does well and gets killer gas mileage. With that said, it aint worth a crap to haul much at all. I did take 3 adults to lunch one day. That wasnt a pleasant trip. Maybe 2 grandkids. Dave
  9. dhdaniel

    LED taillights on the XLT?

    I took one tailight assembly out, just to see for myself. Its definetly LED. I have the XLT with 302A package. Dave
  10. dhdaniel

    Cabin Filter

    Anybody changed there's yet? I just watched the Youtube video. Its looks very simple. I see O'reillys has a Wix available for 18.99 #WP10410 My experience on the Texas Gulf Coast with our constant High Humidity and allergens these filters get funky real quick. I went 1 year on the F150. and it...
  11. dhdaniel

    2019 Ranger Ecoboost Oil Change Interval

    I go 5000. Plain and simple, easy to remember. I could care less what the Oil reminder says, My 1st change was 2 weeks ago. The oil was nearly as clean as Day 1. I'm not overthinking it. Merry Christmas folks Dave
  12. dhdaniel

    Running Boards

    Westin are First class for sure. I bought a set for my 2017 F150. Easy to install and very sturdy. My Ranger came with Ford OEM running boards, but honestly I dont need them. But they look nice Dave
  13. dhdaniel

    Ford Owner Website issues

    I have Sync 3, the large display system, complete with wifi. This is the 3rd Sync 3 system I have Owned. None of mine have ever been able to update themselves, Even parked 10' from my home wireless. On my F150 and Explorer I was able to log into the owner section and download the update to a...
  14. dhdaniel

    Ford Owner Website issues

    I've been trying for some time to get into the owner.ford.com with No success. Its normally a good site to keep up with recalls and maintenance and other good stuff. I'm trying to understand how to get the Waze app installed. Thanks Dave
  15. dhdaniel

    Auto Stop Eliminator for the 2019 Ranger

    The Disable button is quite large and placed in a very convenient location. It easy to add a simple button press at my startup process. I'll just leave it as is. I had a new '17 F150 and the folks on the big F150 forum pounded this feature to death. Forscan is easy if you must. But I refuse to...