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  1. detty_motorsports

    finally broke down and bought my ........

    well today i bought my wife her 1st ranger..... its a 92 4x4 2.9 auto.... its needs a head gasket but for $350 i cant complain.......i am going wensday to pick it up so ill post up smoe pics then....
  2. detty_motorsports

    oil sending unit.....

    i was wondering where the oil sending unit is located on a 2.9.... and what oil pressure it is suppose to run.....
  3. detty_motorsports

    bucket seats in b2

    are there any bucket seats that will bolt in a b2 with no mod's needed????
  4. detty_motorsports

    Ne one from southern ohio

    I was wondering if there was anyone out there from southern ohio?????:icon_confused::icon_confused:
  5. detty_motorsports

    what would look better 2" or 3" body lift???

    I am wanting to put a body lift on my 88 b2. I was going to go with a 2" but now i'm not shure if i want a 3"... i was wondering what would look better... and if anyone has a b2 with a body lift if they could post some before and after pics....:icon_confused::icon_confused:
  6. detty_motorsports

    my custom 88 b2

    this is the company that did the conversion.... notice the scratches the guy i bought it off of did that with a bobcat when he was loading it on the trailer for me....No it didnt run when i bought it...but it does now. the body is in pretty good shape. it does have a few small rust spots...
  7. detty_motorsports


    how do i post a pic???:icon_confused:
  8. detty_motorsports

    light bars.....

    :icon_confused: :icon_confused:does anyone know where i can find a gutter mount light bar for my bronco2.. its an 88... ive been lookin and ive had no luck!!!!:icon_confused:
  9. detty_motorsports

    Body Lift?

    i was wondering how hard it is to install a body lift on a b2?
  10. detty_motorsports

    explorer leaf springs on 89 b2

    will explorer springs fit on an 89 b2????
  11. detty_motorsports

    Howdy All new to you from Ohio

    hi mi jon ive been on here for a few days and i have to say this site is :headbang:rockin:headbang:. i have found a lot of usefull info here and ive used every bit of it on my new to me 88 b2.......... Pat Kunz...........:rockon:...... ur the man
  12. detty_motorsports

    extra power out of my 2.9

    i was wondering if there where any tips for gettin more power out of my 2.9 in my 88 b2???
  13. detty_motorsports

    88 bronco 2 help...no spark

    i have recently bought a 88 bronco 2 it had set for sevral years. the guy i bought it from said the reason that he quit driving it was because that it would die and not start until it cooled down.....but now it will not startat all.... what i have found so far is that i have no spark... i do...

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