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  1. Quick question pn Ranger frames

    I know there have been threads on this before but I just got a quick question about the Ranger frame. In what year did Ford start making the Ranger frame a 2 piece frame?
  2. 2000 Explorer XLT questions

    Hey guys....hoping everyone is having a Happy Easter. I got a couple questions that I hope someone here can answer for me, but before we get to those I will tell you what i got goin on. Girlfriend and I are in the process of buying a 2000 Explorer XLT with the 4.0L SOHC in it. From what i have...
  3. What is the bump on top of the newer F150 cabs

    Hey guys as some of you may know I have a 2000 Ranger XLT SuperCab. As of late I have been kinda thinking about getting something a little bit bigger to pull my 18 foot gooseneck with and later on a fifth wheel camper. Then I can retire the ranger to a little easier life. I want to redo her and...
  4. Ranger frame is actually 2 pieces

    Hey Guys just found out something very interesting about my 2000 Ranger Extended Cab XLT. I was reading some stuff online as I have and idea I want to try with her. That being to find a 7 foot box and put it behind my extended cab. Yes that will mean I will have to Stretch my frame. Anyway as I...
  5. eliminating the ABS from my truck

    Ok guys I need some advice here. I found a Dana 30 front axle out of a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee for my SAS in my 2000 Ranger. My main question is can I take the ABS off my truck without affecting the VSS in my truck. When I did the 5.0L swap I found out the VSS is in the rear end, but is the ABS...
  6. Need help finding cab corners for my Ranger

    I have a 2000 Ranger XLT extended cab with the back doors and I need help finding an inner and outer cab corner for the drivers side. I talked to my local Ford body shop and they wanted $1000 to fix the cab corner and paint it and a door so it all matches, and that was IF I had the box off for...
  7. 2000 Ranger 5.0 still has a miss

    So after dealing with this miss for the last 3-4 weeks now, and trying different coils, new plug wires. I finally got time to take it down to a buddies and we checked the new wires I put on it and found out that Number 2 cylinder the wire on their won't show resistance. Hooked it up to his...
  8. GT40/GT40P Head Info

    IDK for sure but would guess there have been many wondering and some asking questions about the heads on the Explorer/Mountianeer 5.0L motors. The other day I was doing some researching on something and found a site that answers a lot of questions about then. Including the link and a PDF of the...
  9. Jeep front suspension for my Ranger

    Ok guys has anyone on here done a SAS on a 2000 Ranger and used the whole front suspension for a Jeep?
  10. Ranger 5.0L has a miss

    Ok I need some pointers here. Just took my truck up to O'Rielly's and put it on there code scanner. What came back was and error P0171 (System to Lean Bank 1). First off which side of the motor is Bank 1? Secondly this miss really got bad after I changed spark plugs last weekend. I can't afford...
  11. Manual transfer case options

    I am not sure here maybe this has been asked before but Does anyone here know of a place that I can find an adapter to put a NP231 behind my AODE in my Ranger?
  12. Torsion Bars

    Does anyone know if the explorers and rangers share the same torsion bars?
  13. F-150 wheel hub assemblies

    Does anyone know if the front wheel hub assemblies from a 2000 F-150 will fit on a 2000 Ranger? Are the ABS sensors the same? Do the axle splines fit in the F-150 hub?
  14. 5.0L chugging

    OK guys so got my 5.0l conversion done but it chugs. When idling it sounds fine, but then when you put it in gear it kinda feels like a miss an when it hits high gear at low speeds you can feel it chug. It seemed like it wasn't firing on all 8 before I pulled it out of my donor vehicle and the...
  15. Gem Module

    Ok Guys.....I am just finishing up my 5.0L swap into my 2000 Ranger and I have one more quick question. Right now I can't afford the adapter from Advanced Adapters that will allow me to use my transfer case from my Ranger and have select able 4 wheel drive. So I am just going to use the transfer...

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