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  1. 2002 B3000 Prerunner on a budget?

    Also i have yet to come across a part for a ranger that isnt compatable with the b series.
  2. 2002 B3000 Prerunner on a budget?

    Ive got a 05 b3000 ds as well, heres what ive been able to come up with, being new to this too im sure there are crap loads more, plus ive got a buddy who will make them. https://images.app.goo.gl/PhdrFiodQj86Pfge9 https://images.app.goo.gl/tMmeNFYmdrUgZUqy7 Hope this helps.
  3. B3000 body lift PLEASE HELP

    I have a b3000 and am trying to throw a 3in body lift under it but i can seem to get the back 2 cab bolts off. Theres nothing to grab, and not enough room for a c clamp, or channel locks. I have the bed raised and all the other bolts loose on the front, please help!
  4. Light bar brackets

    Which im relatively ok with, but that aside, there isnt any other reason?
  5. Light bar brackets

    So i bought some roof top brackets for a light bar and it came with rivnuts. Instead of buying a rivnut gun, couldnt i just weld them to my truck? I dont really care to buy a one time use tool.