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  1. DaveThePear

    c116a-e0 traction control light 2011 Ranger

    If I smash on the brakes, my 2011 Ranger will throw on the traction control light and store this code: c116a-e0. I can clear the light by turning the engine off and restarting it. If I mash the brakes again, it comes on. Right before the light comes on there's a physical "click" in the brake...
  2. DaveThePear

    2011 longer shocks?

    I've looked and found similar situations, but nothing quite right. What longer OEM shocks could I possibly use? I don't care to use "heavy duty" shocks, it already has a rough ride. I also don't care to have overpriced shocks either! Just regular OEM shocks. Here's some history: I recently...
  3. DaveThePear

    Delayed "Lockup" on Torque Converter

    I've searched and searched and can't find a thread that remotely answers this. I've driven dad's 2000 Explorer and it doesn't seem to do this and he does absolutely nothing to maintain his vehicle. So here goes: 4r44e Trans. It takes at LEAST a half mile of steady 60 mph before the torque...

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