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  1. 2.9 Roller Rockers, Heavy Duty Heads

    Every once in awhile I read about someone asking if there are any roller rockers for the 2.9, I know there are a few people or places that have em but there not very easily found or known about. So I thought I'd throw this in the forum for future reference. Tom Morana Has a complete package...
  2. 2.9 heads

    If iyou but a JY head u will want to have it cleaned and magnafluxed to check for cracks. FYI some 2.9 heads with the newer 89TM provisions/improvements are still stamped with an 86TM, you just have to look for the the straighter valve cover mating surface and the rectangular shaped rocker...
  3. 86 ranger flowmaster exhaust

    settle with a semi deep rumble" Don't worry, If you go with the series 10 flowmasters on a true catless dual exhaust coming out each side before the rear tires you will get a VERY DEEP RUMBLE! Try the Flowmaster Delta Force 10 Series with some nascar exhaust tips, save a little space and some...
  4. 2.9 cologne "turbo technics twin turbo"

    Kunar its out of a Ford Sierra (UK) its 2.9 engine is setup allot like the Scorpio's. But the sierra had the optional "twin turbo 2.9" or the "twin turbo 2.9 Cosworth". That's the one I want to find >:-] or else I will have to change tactics and go with this type of setup... :beer:=:icon_twisted:
  5. 2.9 cologne "turbo technics twin turbo"

    Found this setup on ebay... www.ebay.com/itm/ford-2-9-cologne-v6-twin-turbo-technics-kit-car-project-/181248127443?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item2a333af1d3 I thought to myself "Hmm... exactly how much fabrication to squeeze those 2 turbos into my 88 Ranger 4X4? Or is it simply...
  6. 2.9 aluminum valve covers

    I was wondering if anyone has a pair of these or know anything about them? They look like there tall, right? Witch would be nice. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Brand-New-Custom-Ford-2-9-Cologne-V6-Alloy-rocker-covers-/251283984764#payId
  7. Are the headers the same for the 2.9, 3.0, 4.0 motors?

    Are the headers the same for the 2.9, 3.0 and 4.0 motors? I'm looking for a set of headers for my 88 2.9 Ranger w/auto trans. and I cam across the JBA install directions (link below) and it says there headers fit the 86-98 Ranger, B II and the Explorer with an auto trans and all three motors...
  8. Any new "World" 2.9 heads out there?

    I have to replace the drivers side head on my 88 Ranger and I want to find two new "World Products" 2.9 heads. I know World stopped selling there 2.9 heads and that there almost impossible to find new. I'm pretty sure that seance they stopped selling them that also means they stopped making...
  9. blown head gasket question

    OK so I have a blown head gasket at no1 but there is no coolant in the oil or valve covers not anywhere. I'm guessing this is uncommon right? Has this ever happened to any one here?
  10. 1987 2.9 oil pressure gauge install?

    I just swapped out my electrical gauge for a mechanical gauge last week, but its done the same way. My nylon tube is pointed towards the rear of the truck, but you will have to point both your electrical senders strait off the block and the other towards the front, note how close my stock sender...
  11. Ode to the 2.9

    Ode to the Cologne I was really bored the last few days (I wonder why TRS :thefinger: JK) so while I was cruising the web I found a few interesting pictures... THE FORD V6 COLOGNE smoothed and polished upper plenum where is the other exhaust port? :D 2.9 H beam rods, and pistons...
  12. My Exhaust fell off over the weekend.

    Gary I am using the Flowmaster Super 40 Two Chamber Muffler with 2 1/2" offset inlet and outlet. You can use the center inlet, I thought there wouldn't be enough space under the bed but there is plenty.
  13. Seafoam?

    http://www.seafoamsales.com/motor-treatment.html What's the verdict, does it really work?
  14. Gen 1 full door panels.

    Anybody know a place that sells a matching set of full door panels (black) Like these http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/NEW-OEM-DOOR-TRIM-PANEL-NOS-83-84-85-RANGER-BRONCO-II-2-/390048070703?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&fits=Make%3AFord|Model%3ARanger&hash=item5ad0ad3c2f
  15. 88, fuel level gauge wire color?

    I have an 88 ranger and I would like to know what color the signal wire is for the fuel level gauge?

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