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    steering pump noise

    Can it be done without the vacuum pull. Turning the steering wheel with engine off and wheels off ground? I don't have one on hand, maybe an auto store nearby will rent one.
  2. dashhho

    steering pump noise

    My truck has always had a power steering whine since I got it. From reading around it seems most deem this normal. Recently I have noticed more of a shuttering of the pump when turning the wheel at a dead stop - it is definitely not a whine. It is accompanied by a stiff wheel. It doesnt do it if...
  3. dashhho

    Let’s talk mice…

    Brick is very rough and porous which makes it easy for mice to climb. They may be getting in through the fascia in the roof - have you checked up top? I would think it would be hard for a mouse to get into the attic through the walls in the house but who knows these little houdinis pull off..
  4. dashhho

    free AC compressor

    my friend gave me a free ac compressor from a truck in his yard. The AC looks in great shape but it looks like the lines were disconnected for some time and I can see some dust/dust has gotten inside the unit. Should I try it? Can I clean it out?
  5. dashhho

    Obviously yes, I am a girl

    Welcome. I am new here also but appreciate the communities kindness and ability to handle my dumb questions. This is the introduction section. Usually if you have specific questions it is best to post them in the proper subforum. For example if its a 4.0L engine question there is a specific...
  6. dashhho

    Bear vs B4000

    The shop said there is a good chance they can fix it. With rising cost/scarcity of new/used vehicles the insurance company has not been calling as many a total loss. Is it reasonable to ask if they would be willing to paint the entire truck and new bumper black for some extra money out of my...
  7. dashhho

    Bear vs B4000

    vmrcanada.com lists my Mazda at 6850 clean and 9650 for excellent condition. I think a year or two ago it was 6000 for excellent.
  8. dashhho

    Do I need to replace cam chain adjuster ?

    I am curious if anyone in colder climates use 0w30 or even 0w20 in the dead of winter to help cold start engine wear.
  9. dashhho

    Bear vs B4000

    What is a fair price for everything off the front of a ranger?
  10. dashhho

    Bear vs B4000

    My deductible is $300 so if I can get parts for that I can do the repair myself as it is fairly straightforward. I have been searching on car-part.com and it is hard to find b4000 body parts!! Rangers are dime a dozen it seems. Would it be crazy to swap a ranger front end body on...
  11. dashhho

    Bear vs B4000

    Thanks AJ. I will have to check tomorrow but is the piece under the headlight/sidemarker connected to the rad support, or are they two pieces? The lights are punched in and their mounts are broken - I should have posted another angle as you only can see one direction here. I am planning on...
  12. dashhho

    Bear vs B4000

    He started it...I was going 100kph down the highway. I hit him and then ran over his head and neck (said the witness). The bear stumbled for a few minutes but then walked off into the bushes. How does the damage look to y'all? I drove it home and I am not sure if they would write it off - I...
  13. dashhho


    I'm not sure what caused the streaks but something has perm stained my cluster plastic? So far I have tried washing it with soap/water, simple green, and buffing it with some toothpaste. The toothpaste buffed out some haze....making the splotches more noticeable. Any ideas? I don't like to...
  14. dashhho

    whats that noise

    I decided to put fresh 5w30 in the mazda and start it up after not driving it for a few months. I dont remember hearing the tick before, it is comming from the top of the engine. Is it a concern? https://anchor.fm/jon-rollins/episodes/engine-goes-tik-tik-e18aud3
  15. dashhho

    Coolant leak?

    Thanks Dillard. I got a new housing. My concern is the pitting on the block and the new housing not sealing well to the pitted alum block. Is this an issue?