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  1. Nerf Bars!

    Well i recently took an unexpected trip off road with my lil b4000 and luckly she came out unscratched for the most part. as far as i see the only damage was cosmetic to the passenger side Nerf bar, not a big deal honestly but i figured i would take the opportunity to upgrade to something more...
  2. Will this lift fit my truck???

    hi, im looking at buying a 3" Rough country ranger lift fit my 02 mazda b4000, all i have seen thus far is the rough country lift for ranger up to 1997 it seems that they switched the front ends up a bit from 98+ 4wd models so anyone know if it will still fit? also what would you reccomend for...
  3. What year Explorer Consoles will fit my truck

    i own a 2002 mazda b4000 with the bucket seats and a small armrest im wanting to swap it for a ford explorer center console anyone know what years will fit and any unexpected extra fabrication/install for it? thanks
  4. Bseries/Ranger Front Bumper swap

    im wanting to know if the ranger's fx4 front bumper would fit on my 02 b4000 any help would be great, thank you
  5. '02 B4000 center console repairs

    the center console in my 2002 mazda b4000 is currently in pieces, the center console is fine, but the plastic under the arm rest is thrashed, any ideas? thanks