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  1. Danno1985

    Wanted WTB: Front Mudflaps/Brackets

    Looking for a set of front mudflaps/splash guards. I haven't had any luck finding these in a junkyard, but I know a lot of folks ditch these, so I'm hoping someone has a set laying around. I actually have a set of the newer style of flaps (see first image below), but they didn't come with the...
  2. Danno1985

    Rear Swaybar Installation Tips

    Hmm... This job is definitely turning out to be more frustrating than I expected. The hard lines on the passenger side are on the back side of the axle and I couldn't figure out for the life of me how to get the bracket on that side tightened without putting pressure on the lines. Maybe I'll...
  3. Danno1985

    Rear Swaybar Installation Tips

    Welp, one more update/hurdle that didn't occur to me right away: my truck has rear discs. I don't think there's a way to do the brackets without pinching a brake line. Mine just has way too much going on on the top of the axle. I think I'm officially throwing in the towel. Oh well.
  4. Danno1985

    Rear Swaybar Installation Tips

    Heard that. It probably would've made things a little easier but I didn't even bother lifting my truck for this; plenty of space down there.
  5. Danno1985

    Rear Swaybar Installation Tips

    Awesome, thanks for all the help. Yeah, the junkyard in New Mexico I bought it from sent a picture of it mounted on the donor truck, and I was like "are you sure that's a factory install?" As long as it works, I'm good. The bushings all looked good and it doesn't seem like there'd be much of an...
  6. Danno1985

    Rear Swaybar Installation Tips

    Ok, update - got the bar in. It was much easier trying to position it starting at the driver's side (gas tank side) for some reason. The puzzle worked out better that way. Man, even with the BL that bolt by the gas tank was a b*tch! 🥵 I managed to thread it by hand and then use a ratcheting...
  7. Danno1985

    Rear Swaybar Installation Tips

    Thanks for the helpful posts, guys. Yeah, I didn't know the fuel tanks were changed, but that's the part that looks different. The clearance around the fuel tank on mine looks quite a bit tighter, and it was pretty hard to even imagine finding a way to cram the thing in there. The initial...
  8. Danno1985

    Rear Swaybar Installation Tips

    I recently grabbed a factory rear swaybar from a junkyard regular cab Edge to add to my 2010 2wd. I can see where it's supposed to mount up, but getting it up over the rear diff without snagging any lines seems like it's going to be a PITA. Before I take a crack at this, anyone have any tips to...
  9. Danno1985


    I think Ford's proprietary name is "Advancetrac", actually. I read a few threads from people who said it freaked out when they tried to lift their trucks, but I was able to put 31s and at 2" lift on my 2010 without causing issues. 🤷🏻‍♂️ YMMV.
  10. Danno1985

    Older style front mudflaps on 2010

    Extreme long shot here since this thread is a year and a half old, but any chance you still have those brackets/flaps and would be willing to sell them? Drop me a PM! 🤙🏼
  11. Danno1985

    Lifting my 01 4x2

    I also have coils. Mine has the advance trac, so rather than risk pissing the computer off and having issues, I just went with a body lift. Honestly, I'm pretty happy with it. My truck has 235/75r15s on it (29s), and could easily fit 32s or 33s, but I don't think it looks terrible - basically...
  12. Danno1985

    Junk Yard Hunt For 16's or 15's

    Same bolt pattern, same backspacing until 2002. In 2003 Ford redesigned the frame and switched to a more modern front wheel drive backspacing, so any '03+ rims are going to look excessively "tucked" and you might run into clearance issues. Anything pre-02 should be fine.
  13. Danno1985

    Fabtech 2.5” lift coils

    When I first switched from a Yota to a Ranger, I was also curious about these, but the reviews online seem to be pretty spotty. The old Toyotas have more room for adjustment in the front end geometry, but it seems a lot of people run into problems with spacer and coil lifts on our trucks...
  14. Danno1985

    Is this the way all Rangers were equipped? Spare tire

    Mine came with a normal 15X7 steelie with a 225/70r15. 235/75r15 would definitely fit in the spare carrier; you should be able to fit at least up to a 31 down there, I would think.