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    1984 Ranger

    Where are you located? I have a complete TK-5 I've been trying to give away here in NC. It came out of my '87 with a 2.0 for a V8 swap. It has a TK-4 shifter that should still work on a 4-speed. I slotted the holes on the RH side to make it fit my 5-speed. It's metal on the bottom instead of...
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    Opinions on deleting hot water flow to the intake manifold.

    My Esslinger intake for my 2.3 doesn't even have provisions for water to run through it. I haven't had any problems running a carburetor in the winter or summer but I don't know how the EFI might react to it, if at all.
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    2.3L One Piece Oil Pan Gasket

    Your steel oil pan is fine but you need the rear main cap and the front cover/front seal retainer plate. The ones for a 1-piece pan gasket are flat and don't have the recess for the cork or rubber end gaskets. I want to say they switched around '86-'87. The aluminum pans didn't really come in...
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    pinned from old 5.0 swap, what works

    I can tell everyone what worked for me on my '87 2wd. Factory 2.0, 5-speed. Factory MS, MB, no A/C. 1970 302 Old style Ford toploader 4-speed with mid-mount shifter. 1979 Mustang oil pan with thread in dipstick tube. Dipstick from early '70s Bronco Duraspark distributor plugged to my stock...
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    What to use for a clutch master cylinder for a t5 manual

    I'm not sure how many teeth on the SN95 years. It used to be pretty much a car had 157T and a truck had 164T but Ford has changed a lot of things. I use an old toploader 4-speed manual transmission and my stock crossmember with the rubber bushings on the sides. The shifter actually comes out in...
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    identifying mustang parts

    If it has a Mustang 2.3 then they probably just used the long block as a replacement. The engines are basically identical other than the accessory brackets which would have been swapped off the stock Ranger engine. If you're in doubt about the trans just take the old clutch disk with you and...
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    Feedback carb reuse

    I'd just try the Carter from an older 240-300 first. I'm pretty sure they use the same part # carb for your Ranger and say an '85 F150 with feedback, so an older non-feedback carb should run just fine and they're everywhere. I used a car D-port head, Essy intake and ran an Autolite 2100 2bbl...
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    What to use for a clutch master cylinder for a t5 manual

    Oh, I see what you're saying. I'm sure lots have used the T5 and maybe they'll chime in. I believe the master changed when they stopped using the TK Ranger trans and went to the M5OD around late '88. I ran into that confusion when I was going to use an M5 from a late model F150. I ended up just...
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    What to use for a clutch master cylinder for a t5 manual

    I used an F150 bell and slave cylinder in my '87 but I run a toploader 4-speed. I don't think a T5 will bolt to the old style bell. Maybe they make an adapter or it could be redrilled. Actually I'm not sure, maybe they made an older T5 with the same bolt pattern.
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    1986, 2.3L--runs RICH and rough idle

    If I remember correctly there's a smaller hose from the IAC valve that goes to the back of the throttle body and a smaller one points forward that goes to the valve cover like a vent. I'd check the fuel pressure regulator. It may be bad and dumping fuel in.
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    Fan hit radiator!!

    I found a single groove crank pulley and was able to remove the fan spacer. New radiator and fan and I'm back in business. Tons of room now. I also figured out what happened to let the fan hit to begin with. I happened to notice the motor rocking front to back just sitting at idle and it's...
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    Fuel pump help!

    It definitely leaked when I tried an NPT fitting. I found a straight thread fitting. I'm sure a stock Econoline used a flared metal line with a fitting but I couldn't find one.
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    Fuel pump help!

    I got it fixed. Lowes for all your automotive needs. lol.
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    A/C & Power Steering Bracket Removal

    Ah, I've never owned newer than '92. Learned something.
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    Adding power steering to a 84 2.0L that never had it, can the engine even deal with p/s?

    I still use manual on my V8 Ranger. The slow steering box adds to the excitement. lol.