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  1. dangeranger93

    Tube Frame Turbo Duratec Build

    I met Jim at the Dearborn meet and he asked me to start a thread here for my build. The build is fully documented on turborangerforums. The majority of my fabrication work is all lost due to photobucket so Ill kind of start this thread off will where I'm at now and work back as I can. Quick...
  2. dangeranger93

    Lifter question

    So I blew up my 4.0 a while back and I'm doing a quick rebuild on my spare to replace it, when I took the heads and all that off I noticed the lifters have little cone shaped things on top and 2 of them are broken. are these needed? could I leave it or do i need to replace them, they seem...
  3. dangeranger93

    lowest static drop possible...

    I'm about the same height as beluga and i didnt modify anything, but the -94 and 95-97 could be different
  4. dangeranger93

    lowest static drop possible...

    yeah 95-97 spindles are best i have them too, plus options for bigger brakes
  5. dangeranger93

    lowest static drop possible...

    on my 93 lowered 7/9ish, about as low as your gonna get static unless you want to drag ass, which looks stupid, I have... Front: beams, cut springs (drop springs arent low enough), ecentrics, no notching, trans crossmember. Rear: axle flip, shackle flip, notch, sagged springs If your truck is...
  6. dangeranger93

    Let's see what's out there....

    im pretty sure i never posted any pictures of mine here yet so here it is 7/9 drop
  7. dangeranger93

    Rear sway bar?

    not sure what year mine is off of, but the front of the truck was the same as 89-92 rangers, so whatever years that would be. and insanejughead, looks can be deceiving haha
  8. dangeranger93

    Rear sway bar?

    I have a bronco 2 rear bar, it bolts right on, even has holes in the frame already.
  9. dangeranger93

    bagged ranger problems/questions

    not sure what to say there with a 2 link your pinion angle will change alot through the range of travel so aim for stock at what your new ride height will be, not sure what that is i wouldnt do it probably real bouncy you better get that tank moved before you scrape through it, either move...
  10. dangeranger93

    HELP!!!!!! PLEASE Lowering problems ...

    I dont know much about the front a arm suspension but if they did a flip kit in the rear they could have donr it wrong, the hole for the pin is offset and they could have flipped it backwards. my only idea for the front is if they put on new arms you are supposed to torque them on at ride height...
  11. dangeranger93

    Summer Meet, Dayton OH

    There is a meet being organized on turbo ranger forums for july 16 in dayton. I figured I would pass the info along to see if anyone over here is interested, All rangers are welcome http://www.turborangerforums.com/showthread.php?t=3604 Eastwood Metropark It has a few nice big parking lots...
  12. dangeranger93

    Lowering a 93 ranger

    no such thing as 3 1/2 inch spring, beams are the best for a good ride because it keeps the stock springs and shocks if you want to go more than the 3 inches the beams give you then you can get 2 inch beltech springs
  13. dangeranger93


    ive never messed with the fiberglass leaf i assume it will work but dont take my word for it
  14. dangeranger93


    yes sir, for the rear get the djm flip kit, and you will need 8 grade 8 bolts to replace the rivets that hold the shackles on so you can flip them, and some hardbody shocks, not sure which ones i have some generic napa ones that are real short but way to soft one thing you need for the front is...
  15. dangeranger93


    yes and shocks for the back most guys use nissan hardbody shocks because they are shorter, i bottomed out ranger shocks just at ride height before, most people say 5 inches in front is all you can do and still be allignable

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