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    what size tires

    I would say 33s are about it. You can go bigger if it is never wheeled but then it will eat unit bearings. I break d44 shafts with 37s, granted they arnt chromo yet.
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    SAS Driveshaft Q's

    Your stock front shaft will work without any adapting. Im not sure about the rear though. I did my SAS with a full width 8.8 in the rear and put a Explorer flange on it to retain the stock shaft. And those superlift springs are gonna be horribly stiff.
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    Have you parked on a Jeep lately?

    Ok, so I come out of work to go to lunch and a friend thinks it will be funny to park his tire up agains my rock slider so I cant get in the truck. On top of that I couldnt get my truck out cause he was in my spot, so I locked in the ol' hubs and drove over his jeep, lol. The jeep is on 37s and...
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    alignment after sas

    All they can really set is your toe and caster, if you are running radius arms and have different bushings with you. I work for LesSchwabs and at our store we will do anything someone brings in as long as it isnt something rigged togather. And for mine we went off of the spec for a 79 Bronco...
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    Locker Combos for D44/9": Ponder with me

    Im running an Aussie and LS combo. Its my DD and works great on road and the trail. But in a couple weeks im going detroit in the rear. And your 3.0 isnt gonna like 39s and 4.30 gears. Im running 5.13s with 37s and need more on the trail.
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    Centralia Wa meet pics.

    These pics are from Shane (Fx4wannabe01) We had alot of fun, everyone was very cool. I hope to meet up with them again soon. 02oregonedge+ has the stock looking black on black truck. Its got a 4L with an M90 supercharger on it. It was very cool. 02oregonedge+ DisturbedESV...
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    Grrrrrrr trees.

    Was cruisin through the woods last night at a spot we go to play at. Only have 2wd due to a broken front axle. So with that and a little influence from PBR im bombing down some trail then bang, a tree jumped right out in front of me putting a few big cracks in my windshield. Now I gotta put a...
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    another sas Q

    Search search search!!! There is a hole thread on this in Extreme Suspension.
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    New project.

    Just picks up a running and driving Exploder for $300 today. Plans are to make it how the Ranger was before the SAS. Im gonna do leveling springs and my home made 1" BL. Cut the fenders and run the 33s. Should come out good. Dont laugh, the running boards are coming off tomorrow and some 235s...
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    Broke axle what next?

    Ok cool, I will look into that. I am a baller and run 17s, lol.
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    Broke axle what next?

    Thanks, if these break Im gonna warrenty them and sell the axle hole and find a d60. Whats it cost to get a custom length shaft? and can you swap some sort of hub to make them 5 lug so i dont need to buy another new set of wheels? I like how wide it is now, I get away with no fender flairs and...
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    Broke axle what next?

    I know, im just hoping it works out ok. It was to good of deal I feel to pass up. I have been reading mixxed reviews on them. If I have troubles with these I will warrenty them and sell then n buy something else or go D60. I dont wanna go through swapping everything back over again. Plus im on...
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    Broke axle what next?

    Ok, so I ordered Yukons with superjoints. Got them for $520 shipped. I thought it was a good deal.
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    Broke axle what next?

    What about the Moser shafts?
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    Broke axle what next?

    It very well could have. When it broke it threw a piece of the ujoint and hit my friend in the leg leaving about a 2" round bruise. The whole thing just granaded, he was lucky it didnt hit him anywere else like in the junk. It missed by about 4".