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  1. Online Repair Manuals

    anyone have the current login? this one is expired. Thanks
  2. 4600 ultra4 ranger build (PICTURE AND DETAIL HEAVY)

    the cans were slightly under sized so i machined them out so theres actually a slight lip where they are stopped at, other then that is just the clamping bolts that keep it in place. in theory a hard enough hit will make them move, hopefully with proper shock valving that wont be an issue...
  3. 4600 ultra4 ranger build (PICTURE AND DETAIL HEAVY)

    heres some pictures.. more to come. passenger pivot bracket steering and new tires. went with hercules terra trac t/g max in a 35/12.50r15 on aluminum bronco rims. steering is an old 7sx desert truck trick. used 2wd 1991 ford explorer steering which is pre bent. as you can see it runs fairly...
  4. 4600 ultra4 ranger build (PICTURE AND DETAIL HEAVY)

    Hammers 2020 all depends on funds and convincing enough friends to take a week off to pit for me. ill be down there no matter what, but whether we race this year or not has not been determined. good eye! so all the info out there for installing a dana 44 ttb into a ford ranger says you can bolt...
  5. 4600 ultra4 ranger build (PICTURE AND DETAIL HEAVY)

    thanks guys! weve been putting in tons of hours. im ready to wheel this thing already! what site are yall using for picture hosting? some of my pictures are too large to load on the insert image portion of the post.
  6. 4600 ultra4 ranger build (PICTURE AND DETAIL HEAVY)

    what's going on guys! we started this build a while ago, but are nearing the end so its time for a build page. note: this is not a step by step. pictures are going to be out of order haha. for more detailed pictures, give us a follow on instagram @customchaosracing a little crash course of the...