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  1. Finally got my first ASE cert

  2. 1999 Gauge cluster

    My 1999 3.0 xlt has my fuel gauge and temperature gauge in the same panel. Neither work and neither do the lights in that section(left hand side) can I just replace that one section or do I have to replace the whole cluster? Will that section of cluster work from an explorer? Sent from my...
  3. Ranger front end

    Is it possible to put the ranger front end on a second gen explorer? I like explorers but I hate that front end, I've seen people put the explorer front end on their ranger so I assume it's possible but just wanted to make sure Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Ranger/Explorer compatibility

    So I have done: power leather seats (not wired in YET)(no heat)(grey to match stock interior) Center console. I plan on doing soon: Over Head Console (OHC) Auto dimming rear view mirror And lighted visors. I was wondering what other explorer components fit/work on rangers. I have a 1999 XLT...
  5. 98-00 upgrade to '06+ tailights?

    Any one know of an article on how to swap the tailights from an '06+ ranger into a 98-200 ranger? I looked around in the tech articles but only found one for the 93-97 body style. Any help would be appreciated PFA
  6. Explorer center console removal

    Can anyone direct me to a good guide on how to remove the full center console from a 1995-2001 explorer? I found one on an explorer forum but it was incredibly vague. Didn't have much other luck. Looking to put the console and seats in my ranger and want to know how to remove them before I spend...
  7. Explorer center console display

    Hi, I have a 1999 3.0 xlt extended cab 4x4 and I already plan on doing the explorer seats and center console. I noticed that some of the center consoles have a digital readout for miles to empty for the fuel. I'm interested in knowing if there's a way to make this work in a ranger as my fuel...
  8. Dash board material?

    Does anybody know what the material on a 1999 xlt ranger dash board is? If I can remember correctly the top is kinda soft? Is it vinyl or just normal plastic?