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  1. Ranger clutch master cylinder

    Just had the clutch & slave cylinder replaced on my 2002 Ranger. 2 weeks after, was having issues w/ the clutch again. I took it back in & they said they bled the line (had air in it). Said if it happened again the clutch master cylinder is bad and it's $385 to replace. Does this sound right...
  2. 2002 Ranger thermostat

    2002 Ranger 2.3L 4 cylinder 5 spd manual - engine temp gauge isn't going up much. I assume thermostat is shot. What temp t-stat do I need and could anyone give me directions on replacing? Thanks in advance.
  3. Intermediate drive shaft

    Wasn't sure where to post this... Truck below was experiencing some serious grinding as I'd brake moderately or hit a bump. Took it to Ford dealership and they diagnosed as the intermediate drive shaft, said it came apart. They said the closest replacement is in TX, 3 days away and will run...
  4. Trans help

    '02 Ranger, 4 cyl., 5 spd. manual, 2WD - today it's sounded like part of the truck is scraping the ground or I'm dragging a bunch of wrenches under the truck. I actually pulled over to look underneath and make sure I wasn't dragging any metal objects. The gear shifter is vibrating slightly more...
  5. Diagnostic codes

    They all showed about the same reading, any other ideas? May just have to take it to the dealership... :(
  6. Diagnostic codes

    Is the correct way to do this by grounding 1 volt meter tester to the engine block, then touching the other to the spark plug wires, 1 at a time?
  7. Diagnostic codes

    Is there any thing in specific that I should look at to see if there's a leak? I checked the PCV and other hoses and didn't see any dry rotting or cracked hoses. I pulled the plugs & cleaned them, but the problem persists. How do I check for good spark or should I just replace the plugs? BTW...
  8. Diagnostic codes

    Truck has been shaking/sputtering when under accelleration & the check engine light came on. I pulled the codes on the truck below in my sig & got: P0171 - System to lean Bank 1 P0301 - Cylinder 1 misfire detected What does this mean in English?
  9. Code reader

    Is there a code reader similar to the GM OBD-II for Fords so that I can find out why my check engine light came on?
  10. Trans prob?

    2002 Ranger 4 cylinder 5 speed manual in sig below, 64K miles. Was driving today and the truck kind of sputtered a few times here & there, basically like a hiccup. It did this enough that I was wondering what it was, but not enough to think something's seriously wrong. Then all of a sudden...
  11. Brake help

    I've got a 2002 Ranger 4 cylinder 2wd manual (in sig) and the rear brakes are squeaking. I might as well replace the front at the same time right, it's got 60K orig. miles on it? I went to Advance Auto and apparently there are 2 diff. size shoes for the rear, S705 (10x2.5") & S704(9x1.75")...
  12. Hard going into gear

    My Ranger (specs in sig below) is getting harder to shift into gear. It's not hard per say, but it's not as smooth and easy as it used to be. Also, I've noticed a lot less play in the clutch the last few thousand miles. It used to have a ton of play, a baby could start off in 1st gear w/ it...
  13. Knocking when A/C is on

    2002 Ranger 4 cyl. 5 speed manual 2wd, truck in sig below... Anyways when I turn the A/C on I hear a knocking coming from somewhere inside the engine bay. Any idea what this knocking could be? I'm not sure if it's only when the A/C is on or if it's just louder when the A/C is on, but it's...
  14. Trans fluid

    I'm getting ready to go on a long trip and want to check the trans fluid. It's a 2002 2wd 2.3L 4 cyl. 5 sp. manual Ranger (sig below). I know when full, the fluid level should be at the bottom of the bolt hole on the trans, but what type/kind of fluid should I add if it needs it? Thanks.
  15. Doors and dome light

    Last week my dome light wasn't coming on for 15 sec. after I opened the doors. Today I couldn't get it to go off for 30 sec. after I closed the doors. Any ideas?