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  1. Ignition Switch Wiring

    Thanks, I did take the switch back out and manually operate it, at that point I got 12 volts to fuse 24 and to the White/pink at the clutch switch. Had volts on all 4 yellow wires also. Still nothing at battery. Guess next step is to bypass the clutch switch. Any idea on which wire to hook to...
  2. Ignition Switch Wiring

    Tha is for the diagrams. By testing manually are you saying to remove the switch and move the slide rod by hand?
  3. Ignition Switch Wiring

    I am helping my father in law with his new project (2003 Mazda B2300) and need help with the ignition switch wiring. I assume it is the same switch as the Ranger. 50 amp fuse under the hood is OK, lights, chimes, blower motor etc. work. Starter will not work with key. There is no power to Fuse...