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  1. Mechanic lied?

    So it sounds like they may have replaced the flex lines and not the metal lines? The picture I posted, should those metal linds get replaced asap? What specifically should I ask for since it appears I didnt get what I wanted? The one metal line that was replaced a few years ago is the one that...
  2. Mechanic lied?

    I supplied the metal lines in that Amazon link. I didn't supply any tube. Maybe that's why he said the metal lines are fine even though they look corroded as heck? He said the metal lines don't bust. How many plastic lines are there?
  3. Mechanic lied?

    2001 Ford Ranger XLT 2.5L RWD, has ABS How many brake lines does this truck have? I went to a mechanic and said I want all my brake lines changed. Nothing under the hood is new going to the master cylinder (aside from the newer looking one that was replaced a few years ago that goes to the...
  4. What brake line / fittings?

    Are these the right fittings for a 2001 Ranger XLT 2.5L RWD manual transmission? I have ABS since the light cycles when I start it but not sure if its 2 or 4 wheel.
  5. Caliper bracket

    I just figured to replace everything since they're 18 years old. I notice I have much more forceful stopping now with the new calipers.
  6. Caliper bracket

    They got me the correct rotors but used the caliper from the new one but the old bracket. I'm trying to get the correct bracket so I can have them put it on also. Should I wait to break in the pads until I have the correct caliper bracket?
  7. Caliper bracket

    I ordered new Power Stop calipers and got the right part according to their website (S4606A). The shop told me the caliper is fine but the mounting bracket is wrong. I called Power Stop (their customer service sucks) but they told me I could get the S4606 that has a smaller bracket but same...
  8. Is this a bad wheel bearing?

    I have all new bearings, was just curious if the old one died or there was some issue that will end up killing a new one?
  9. Is this a bad wheel bearing?

    Finally have a nice day today so I will change the wheel bearings and pads/rotors. Took the dust cap off the one side and see this. Is that a bad wheel bearing or some bigger issue?
  10. Cruise light on, doesnt work/no backup lights or parking

    No to the 1st question. What is the location? yes to the 2nd.
  11. Cruise light on, doesnt work/no backup lights or parking

    2001 Ranger XLT RWD 2.5L engine with manual 5 speed transmission. 220k miles. All dash lights are normal except what I'm about to describe: 1. Cruise control light on dash will turn on when I turn it on but it won't hold the speed anymore. 2. Parking brake light on dash only illuminates about...
  12. Manual is hard to shift

    Is that synchromax ATF? I've only used the regular Royal Purple ATF before.
  13. Manual is hard to shift

    I have a 2001 Ranger 2.5L RWD 5 speed manual transmission. It's a little hard shifting at times, not terrible but I'd like it smoother. Is there anything that would need to be replaced other than fluid? Can I use Royal Purple Synchromax? I believe it calls for Mercon V ATF. I think I need 2.8...
  14. Wheel bearing help

    Not sure, will have to measure. There weren't many choices for front coil spring. I know the results are different for torsion bar.
  15. Wheel bearing help

    To do that, will I need the first tool that sgtsandman posted? What's the name of the tool?