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  1. Colin

    Aftermarket Headlights For An 08

    No they won't, your only option would be to retrofit your stock headlights
  2. Colin

    Doors that will fit 2007 B4000?

    Ranger doors are identical, If your local yard doesn't have any, check car-part.com. Not too hard to swap the lock cylinders over so you can use your original key
  3. Colin

    interchangable parts list

    Probably be easier to help you if you specified which module
  4. Colin

    I have a Mazda b2300 2003

    No, you would have to swap the entire front end
  5. Colin

    Rockauto and B4000

    Agreed, 90% of the time I buy parts from the Ranger section of rockauto, or the ford dealership. unless I know it's a Mazda specific part
  6. Colin

    interchangable parts list

    Rockauto lists the same part number from 85-94
  7. Colin

    Compatability between 4wd and 2wd

    Yeah you would have to add the holes, I tried before and failed miserably. You can buy the fenders aftermarket, or try local junkyards. Car-part.com will search multiple junkyards
  8. Colin

    interchangable parts list

    Completely different body style......
  9. Colin

    interchangable parts list

    93-97, possibly later like 00
  10. Colin

    Remote Start wiring questions

    Thanks for all the help 👍
  11. Colin

    Remote Start wiring questions

    Swapped out the module and everything works as it should, Popped the old module open and can't see any damage. Oh well
  12. Colin

    Remote Start wiring questions

    The module normally handles that, I've tried starting with the brake pedal held down and it won't start since holding the brake pedal is a kill signal. Going to grab another module on Monday, need to pop this one open and see if I can find any damage
  13. Colin

    Remote Start wiring questions

    Switched to the red+Lt Gen wire, made no difference. Leaning towards an internal fault with the module itself at this point. Also tried starting it without the wire hooked up, made no difference
  14. Colin

    Remote Start wiring questions

    I'll try tapping that wire, thanks for all your help Ron