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  1. 1996 Ranger XLT 4x4 4.0l -- not able to adjust heat.

    I found my EVTM manual. I suspect the 'blend door actuator' (not cable controled) as this looks to control the temperature door in the plenum. Anybody, have experience with this?
  2. 1996 Ranger XLT 4x4 4.0l -- not able to adjust heat.

    When the fan is on I continually get hot air from the vents. Turning the temperature adjustment knob to cool (counter clockwise) does not change the temperature. If I listen carefully when I turn the temperature adjustment knob I can sometimes hear a slight grinding sound....not fan related...
  3. Towbar for 96 Ranger XLT 4X4?

    Yep - this is why I want to disable the lock and NOT leave in the key. It's a non-issue I have a manual trans and manual xfercase - set both to neutral and good to go.
  4. Towbar for 96 Ranger XLT 4X4?

    Anybody connected a towbar to their rig? I fab'd a towbar for an old Jeep and it worked great. I have 96 4x4 with the manual trans and manual xfer case/hubs. Is there an easy way to defeat the ignition lock? I was thinking I could leave the key in, disabling the the lock and disconnect the...
  5. Another slave cylinder thread...

    I just when through all this. I have a 96 Ranger XLT 4X4 4.0l M5OD-R1. I was having difficulty shifting into 1st gear while at a complete stop.... a classic slave cylinder issue where is does not completely disengage. Replacing the slave cylinder solved my issue – shifts like a new vehicle. So...
  6. tips on removing M50D transmission from 96 Ranger 4x4 v6, top bolts.

    Yea -- it is a hassle. When I reinstalled the bolts I put a dab of anti-seize on the threads and used lockwashers. If I have to pull the trans again; should be a none issue.
  7. 1996 4.0 REAR MAIN SEAL

  8. 1996 4.0 REAR MAIN SEAL

    So far I am on the same track: oil on crankshaft journal/iner metal sleeve, check!, pack seal cavity with grease,check! Same as with a seal without a wear sleeve. So this would be between the seal and where in comes in contact with the engine block? In the past I have cleaned the area with...
  9. 1996 4.0 REAR MAIN SEAL

    I have BS 40619 seal with the metal sleeve. I have never used a seal with a metal sleeve. So are lubrication points necessary for the install? I plan on putting some clean motor oil on the inside of the wear sleeve, but anyplace else?
  10. Hello There

    Thanks for the reply. I just picked up a Fel-Pro BS 40619 seal set; main seal and metal sleeve. The 'sleeve' is new to me. I assume this is used to assist in the install?
  11. pilot bearing install in new flywheel

    Quick question: Is it better to install the pilot bearing in the flywheel prior to bolting the flywheel on the crank. Or, bolt up the flywheel and install the pilot bearing. This in on a 96 Ranger 4.0L, MDO5. My preference would be to install the pilot bearing prior to installing the...
  12. Hello There

    I am going through this process right now. I have a 96 xtl 4.0l with the MDO5 (manual 5 spd), manual xfer case. I just dropped the transmission and transfer case. I'll replace the clutch assembly, slave cylinder, possibly the flywheel. Anyway, I suspect I will need to replace the main seal...
  13. Is it necessary to remove transfer case to drop MDO5 transmission?

    Thank you for the advice. I think removing the xfer case and then the transmission is the plan.
  14. tips on removing M50D transmission from 96 Ranger 4x4 v6, top bolts.

    Thanks for all the reply's and advice. I got'em out...used a flex head ratchet and put some heat on the thread well in the block and it worked. Got my yoga in for the day. I was concerned about using a 1/2 impact gun as I did not want to shear and have to extract a bolt - been there done...
  15. Is it necessary to remove transfer case to drop MDO5 transmission?

    Gurus -- I have a 96' Ranger XLT 4.0 4x4 with MDO5 manual. I am all set to drop the transmission; everything that needed to be removed is out -- hassle. Anyway, the 'book' says to remove the transfer case and then remove the transmission. But I am thinking I can remove it as a unit and save...