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  1. Front hitch mount

    So I threw together a front hitch mount for a winch and some recovery points. They do sell some vehicle specific . In my case a 97 B4000. The front mounts you can purchase seem to hang a bit low for my liking. Possible ground clearance issue and approach angle . I will update once this is...
  2. Bumpers

  3. Bumpers

    so I’ve I poked around on the forum. And it’s probably on here some where. This is the first forum I’ve really engaged on . Does anyone have bumper plans tubular preferably pic for attention 97 Mazda b4000 manual trans Extremely clean picked up from the original owner runs like a champ
  4. Guide rig

    It would be used for logs mostly possible self recovery but it would be minimal
  5. Guide rig

    I was kind thinking the same thing. Just running a 2x2 .250 sq tube between the frame rails perpendicular. It won’t make a hell of a radiator guard as well I wonder if it would be sufficient for a 5000 lbs winch
  6. Guide rig

    What’s going on everyone!!! I got a 97 xlt 4.0 4x4 I just purchased a leveling kit and 4 shocks from rough country and having 31 10.50 put on the factory 15 in wheels. I guide for elk and deer in the fall and this trucks primary purpose is that. Does anyone have drawing or good pics for a...