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  1. chrwilkins30

    4.0 swap complications(codes after install)

    Been working on this thing for 9 months and the last 5 have been a big pain the the ass. I got a 88 bronco 2 with a 94 explorer 4.0 that I swapped out.using the complete explorer harness. I drove the explorer home 70miles, and it ran great.sounded like a prius. I am getting a rich condition very...
  2. chrwilkins30

    rear wiper wiring

    Right in the middle of a 4.0 swap using the entire explorer harness with the first gen dash. The explorer harness is a 5wire plug and the b2 pigtail is a 3wire. ive tried wiring it in several different ways. What is in the explorer switch that has it to inclde a "hot" all the time wire, while...
  3. chrwilkins30

    4.0 swap issue

    94 explorer 4.0 into a 88b2. Complete explorer wiring installed onto explorer. Cat is getting cherry red. Gas is getting into the oil. Has magnaflow cat due to space issues. Original can got cheery red aswell. Explorer fuel lines installed all the way to the tank. Fuel pressure at the rail is 35...
  4. chrwilkins30

    8.8 street friendly locker

    I just put a lockrite in last week and its not really noticeable like blinkers mentioned unless around tight corners. Prob the most street friendly locker would be a ARB if you got the $$$.
  5. chrwilkins30

    Vib problems

    After installing an 8.8 and getting regeared I drove the b2 for somewhere around 150 miles and then this vibration started out of no where. When I am coming to a stop and I really press on the brake it sounds like something is clicking and its pretty loud. I went through the front and re greased...
  6. chrwilkins30

    Stock I beam hangers

    If they 4x4 stock drop brackets are the same I will sell you mine that I removed for the lift. I'll sell them cheap.
  7. chrwilkins30

    Anyone ever used this hitch.

    or ever even ordered from this company. This seems to be one of the very few that is a 2in receiver and doesn't extend far past the bumper. http://www.etrailer.com/Trailer-Hitch/Ford/Bronco+II/1988/C13011.html?vehicleid=1988301637
  8. chrwilkins30

    JD bumper with BL

    anyone have a jamesduff rear tire carrier with a 3in bodylift. Haven't been able to find any pictures. I want to see how bad the gap would look. I need a bumper and a hitch and that would be both in one package. Thanks to anyone who contributes.
  9. chrwilkins30

    add aux to older stereo??

    is there a way to add a aux input to play ipods with a stereo that does not have one. Its a older alpine. that id rather not replace. I tried a fm tuner but they have poor reception and bad sound quality. Thanks for any input.
  10. chrwilkins30

    d30 sas swap help please

    I dont see a point if they are possible. most go to long arms. check out some build and see where they get theres.
  11. chrwilkins30

    strap compatability

    i see people swap the front d shaft bolt for a u bolt kit 534-10. Is this only for a D35 or will it fit a D28.
  12. chrwilkins30

    AnyOne ever used sierra Expedition?

    As the title says, http://www.sierraexpeditions.com Plan on buy the light switch covers..
  13. chrwilkins30

    Rag joint bind

    After installing a 3in PA body lift my rag joints are binding. what do I do to fix it.
  14. chrwilkins30

    close fitting hitch

    Looking for a close fitting hitch that snugs the rear bumper. I have a 3in BL and plan to buy a smittybilt rear jeep bumper but need a hitch. Any one have an idea. I know i could make one just don't have time at all or the skill. Needs to be 2in receiver

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