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  1. ChrisR1S

    my $1300 bagged and body dropped ranger

    Hey guys! Just acquired another ranger. Traded a jetta that i had $1300 in for it. This one's already had some minor mods done. I'm told throughout its life it's been in minitruckin twice but I can't vouch for that. Anyways just figured I'd show it around and see If anyone recognized it and...
  2. ChrisR1S

    name that part...

    This is on my driver side visor that I got out of an explorer. What exactly is it and does it do? I'm guessing there are batterieries in it? There were no extra wires coming out of the visor..
  3. ChrisR1S

    Econoline HVAC box?

    Does anyone have any info or links about the econoline HVAC box that svt put in the ranger lightning bolt or someone doing something similar? All I can find mentioned is that they installed a rear Box from an econoline in place of the ranger unit.
  4. ChrisR1S

    Functions controlled by ecu?

    What functions does the ecu control other than the obvious engine sensors, gizmos, and gadgets on my 2007? I'm assuming ac, fuel pump, cruise control? Anything else? I'm planning on doing an engine swap using a stand-alone engine harness and wondering what functions I'm going to have to wire up...
  5. ChrisR1S


    Picked me up a bone stock high mileage '07 XL Ranger Friday. It'll be my new Daily Driver. Plans are a drop, audio, more comfortable interior, and giving the tired 3.slow an early retirement, So far I really like the little truck other than the lack of power, but for 186kmiles and 21mpg i won't...
  6. ChrisR1S

    D44 TTB questions

    I vote for the TTB as well. I like being different. Not to mention, around here fullsize TTB rigs are easy to come by and cheap so spare parts aren't an issue. As far as steering goes, I plan on just further modifying my superrunner steering setup.
  7. ChrisR1S

    D44 TTB questions

    theres a bunch of threads if you search hard enough.. check out seriousexplorations and desertrangers. I know a little bit about this swap because im fully aware my D35 isnt gonna live long with my 37s and 5.0 and i don't wanna do the "common" D44 SAS. :icon_welder: The way i understand it...
  8. ChrisR1S

    Hookup Electric Speedo to VSS?

    Hey guys, I've tried searching to no avail.. I'm getting ready to start on a new project on the Ranger and one thing has me wondering :icon_confused: My '94 Ranger originally had: -mechanical speedo -ECM -unused VSS sensor at end of speedo cable at T-case(assuming for cruise control which my...
  9. ChrisR1S

    K-Link...Heims or TREs?

    Hey guys I'm in need of some opinions and advice. I've tried searching but all i can find on the superrunner kit as far as mods go is droping the tie rods to accomodate for the amount of lift present which i am doing as well.. I'm getting my superrunner kit finished up on my truck and the TREs...
  10. ChrisR1S

    stock components with D30 on 94 ranger

    sorry. link fixed
  11. ChrisR1S

    stock components with D30 on 94 ranger

    XJ uses upper and lower control arms instead of radius arms. I won't swear to it but i believe a member on here found a way to utilize the cherokee control arms. Check out http://www.naxja.org For more info on the XJ D30s :icon_thumby:
  12. ChrisR1S

    leaf spring d30 swap. which years

    Ditto on the XJs being coil sprung.. both of mine are and i know for a fact that 89and newer XJs are too. There is a kit however that some of the guys on the jeep forums use to convert over to a leaf sprung setup. If your biggest reason for wanting leaves vs. coils is stiffness....use ranger or...
  13. ChrisR1S

    SJ extended RA nut size?

    can someone get me the nut size for the end of a skyjacker extended radius arm? I'm at work until tuesday morning so I can't check for myself. Thanks guys!:icon_thumby:
  14. ChrisR1S

    My lifted '89 HEEP Cherokee

    :icon_confused: I know..I know..I bought a jeep :thefinger: Got a Jeep from a buddy who was in need of some cash. Figured it'd make a decent trail ride. $500 scored me 2 1989 Cherokees; this one driveable, and the other that was rolled over but has a good drivetrain. Specs: -1989 Jeep...
  15. ChrisR1S

    Attacked working on my own truck..

    Damn wasps... Heres the way its supposed to look

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