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  1. Chris102371

    Truck still runs when fuel pump fuse is pulled

    So I have been having the same issues as other people on here with there truck running rich and crappy. Runs good cold,but when it warms up and on the highway it will hit a flat spot and I have to push the gas further down to get it to respond and pick back up. I have been trying to diagnose...
  2. Chris102371

    panic stop lockup

    A friend of mine has a 93 ranger 4x4 with a 4.0l. When you do a sudden jab on the pedal to slow down you can hear one or more of the wheels locking up. I checked the rear wheel cylinders and both are fine. Anyone have any ideas?
  3. Chris102371

    accel spark plugs

    Anybody ever put accel u groove spark plugs in a ranger with a stock 2.9l set up? I put some in mine a few days ago and it runs like crap now. I'm wondering if they are for like a MSD ign. set up.
  4. Chris102371

    Interior Remake

    Well I decided to start redoing my interior. It was looking worn and neglected,so I got out the flat black and started spraying parts. Ive got the dash, the right door panel,and some of the trim done. I still have the rear panels to do. Then i have to figure out what to do with the headliner and...