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    Axle weld question

    Never a good sign if it needs starting fluid to fire...
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    Hey Guys, Any tips or advice??

    Looks good, you must be in Penticton or somewhere around there.... I like the rims and racing stripes aren't bad either. That's a nice install on the sub/amp, I've been thinking about pulling my rear seats out too... You should get this...
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    Flat green BII @ OC in Kelowna?

    Saw a lifted, flat green BII at the college I'm attending with a TRS sticker in the back window. Just wondering who that is?
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    VSS on 2010??? (Yes, I've searched)

    I've searched all over the bloody place and cannot seem to sort this out on my own so I'm looking for a little help.... I'm installing an OHC in my 2010 and I can't determine which wire is the VSS at the SJB. I don't really care where I pick it up (Sounds like I might be able to get it at the...
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    4.10 or 4.56

    I've got 4.0 and currently running 3.73 with 31's and it's a dog. I'm going up to 33's and I'm not sure if I should go 4.10 or 4.56? I only hesitate on the 4.56 because I'd like to keep a little fuel economy on the highway. I was decided on the 4.56 but now I'm starting second guess myself...
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    Best bet for new gears?

    With all the info out there and all the options there are I'm wondering what/where you think is the best place to buy gears from. Or maybe someone has some "previously loved" ones they'd like to sell. I need: 4.10's or 4.56 For: 28spline 8.8 and ifsD35 Keep in mind I'm in Canada so...
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    No redline on tach

    I drive an 07 too, had to find so I matted it one day to see. Yes it does have a limiter.
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    Damned fuel pump shut-off.

    So yesterday on my way home from work I jammed on the brakes to stop hard when a traffic light turned yellow. I somehow managed to brake hard enough to trip the fuel pump reset with even locking the tires up (or engaging the abs), but my front end did bounce a bit. Well, maybe the abs did kick...
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    You just never know

    You just never know when something could happen. I wanted to share this because I know that sometimes we can put ourselves in risky situations without even realizing how risky it really is. I got one of those phone calls you never want to get yesterday, it was my best friend and I could hear...
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    Shifting without the clutch

    Is there any advantage/disadvantage to not using your clutch when you shift? I will quite often just use the clutch only when I'm stopping-that is getting in/out of 1st gear. I figure as long I'm shifting smoothly and using the synchros properly it would actually extend the life of my clutch...
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    Remove battery while truck is running?

    Can I take the battery out of my truck (just for a few minutes) while my truck is running? Just wondering if I could do that without messing anything up? We used to do it a lot in high school but we did lots of things then that I've learned now that shouldn't have been done. Only reason I'm...
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    $$$?! to install locker? Maybe I should do it myself.

    Does it sound reasonable that a shop would charge $450.00CAD to install a lock-right into my 8.8 rear end? And $700.00CAD for my D35 front? Just seems kinda high to me but I don't know about these sorts of things.... I thought about having them do it, but after seeing that price I think I'll...
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    Front locker?

    I've searched around and read as many thread as I can but I can't seem to find a stright answer to my question. If I put an Aussie locker in my front end will I notice it when I'm in 2wheel drive? My truck is and 07 and I don't really understand the hub set-up yet but it's a "live" set up or...
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    Rookie gears question

    So, when I'm calling junkyards and asking for gears the first place I talk to asked me if wanted the carrier as well. I have no idea what that means. Is the carrier the centre section of my axle? I have an 07 sport 4x4, D35 and 8.8. A yard here has an 07 FX4 with 4.10's in it same axles...
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    Jerry-rigged light bar

    Got my homemade light bar on. Made it out of a piece of fence post and some steel scraps from the machine shop down the road. Main purpose of it was to get the lights on there so that I've got the wiring inplace for down the road when I plan to replace the Princess auto lights with good ones...