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  1. chico4554

    bought me a tow rig

    bought a 2004 Chevy 2500 HD. 58k, ext cab with the 6.0 and 4L80. sweeeeeeeeet
  2. chico4554

    t-case shifting problems

    Hey guys, While shifting my 93 f250 into 4wd, it seems to lock up when trying to get to the neutral postion and 4lo. It goes into 4hi real easy. Any tricks that anyone knows of? I just bought it today so havent had a chance to really fool with it. I have read that they can break easily...
  3. chico4554

    93 f250 manual shift 4x4

    I just purchased a 93 f250 with a manual transfer case shifter. I couldnt seem to get it into 4x4 low. It says to push down, but its real tough. I had it in neutral and was not moving at the time with the clutch in. Any thoughts?
  4. chico4554

    surround sound hook up

    im having woes trying to hook up my surround sound system so I can get the speakers working with the tv and video games. It works currently with just the dvds. I have a hdmi cable hooking up the stereo reciever to the tv, then I just hooked up a digital optical cable from the tv output to the...
  5. chico4554

    ready to blow up best buy

    im hoping this is a quick fix with a setting or something. I just got windows vista home put onto my computer after I tried numerous times. I was attempting to reformat the hard drive but apparently the restore disks were bad. Somehow they got vista back on and running. The original hard...
  6. chico4554

    4 cyl ecoboost

    are they planning on putting this in the focus or just the fusion? Anyone have any hp numbers for this engine? They should put it in the ranger too, I think it would sell well.
  7. chico4554

    drum set thread

    after all these music threads, it inspired me to see what kinda skins everyone is playing around here. List out the main specs/brand and post a few pics if you can. Tama Imperial Star, midnight blue. Its got 8,10,12,13,14,16 toms with a mapex black panther snare. Its a bit different now, got...
  8. chico4554

    decent home theater speakers

    I just got a new tv and wanted to make the sound a little better. I think all I will need is two decent speakers to put on each side of the tv. My question is how do I know if I am going to need a reciever? Dont know too much about this stuff. I was looking at the small sony bookshelf...
  9. chico4554

    thinking about a 98 cobra

    there is a 98 cobra near me for sale. Its been in the classifieds since last fall. its got 80k and black bullit wheels with the chrome lip. Only thing is its yellow, but I may be able to deal with that. They want just under 9k for it, im hoping to offer 7k and walk away with it. Anyone have...
  10. chico4554

    FE exam

    anyone else taking the FE exam tomorrow? Its gonna be a blast!
  11. chico4554

    friend need help diagnosing

    The truck is a 93-97 ranger, its a 4.0 with the a4ld. This is what she sent me: well, because it was due for a change, anyway, I replaced the fuel filter last week after I ran out of gas and after the ranger started acting up: stalling out at stop lights and even at highway speeds (usually at...
  12. chico4554

    deadliest catch

    anyone watch the series premiere last night? They made it seem like the wizard sinks at some point when they did the little preview of the season in the beginning of the show. Oh boy...
  13. chico4554

    stafford springs swap

    Is anyone going to the stafford springs, CT swap this weekend? Ill be there saturday night. Its supposed to rain now till about 4am which sucks alot, but sunday is supposed to be about 55 degress and sunny. Ill be there in the truck and ill be trying to sell my quad so come buy it!
  14. chico4554

    herculined interior

    gonna start prepping the interior for herculiner, hopefully get the first coat on today. Ill try to not get any on my hootus. My drivers seat front two bolts are rusted in good so thats the first order of business.
  15. chico4554

    screw removal on locking hub D44

    yea i doesnt take much to drill the heads off then get them out by pliers

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