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  1. CheapThrillB2

    Back from Moab

    Back from Moab....5 days might be to much for a d35 IFS :sonicjay: Found the sway bar links gradually were torn apart through the week, and my inner tie rods gradually got more and more play everyday. Enough that I bought a spare at about day 3. Also found the front shocks at the upper mounts...
  2. CheapThrillB2

    Just another 2nd gen explorer SAS

    Buddies dad picked up KyleM's old explorer sport DD, gonna sas with full widths. He used to have a 79 f150 truggy. Now he wants something more dd friendly and reliable. I agreed to do the work for him, I look at it as practice. My wife has a 98 XLT V8 explorer and in the spring shes gettig a...
  3. CheapThrillB2

    A worthy cause and a cool tshirt.

    A club mate of mine, Kyle M. and Ozziemoe is taking care of some stage 4 stomach cancer that he was just diagnosed with. Since he's taking a break from working, we can help out his son! His brother is selling some t-shirts where all proceeds are going to the college fund for his son. It takes a...
  4. CheapThrillB2

    Remembering Rigs from the past

    Been diggin through alot of old pic from the old desktop, moving alot of stuff onto my laptop. Thought I would share some pics of past rigs. Old DD/family rider old truggy
  5. CheapThrillB2

    Club comp in Michigan

    Pics and video from the past weekend... My club competed in a event at Rocks and Valleys orv park in harrison mi. 3 rigs on one course at the same time with only one spotter for the team. We ended up taking 8th :(. first course, we were the first team to get all 3 rigs finished within the...
  6. CheapThrillB2

    Mitsu swap to A4LD in B2 ??????

    I am helping a budding with his 86 B2. It had the Mitsu 5 speed in it and somebody swapped it out and put a A4LD in its place, but never hooked anything up. All my 1st gen's have been manual trucks so I am unfamilar with the shifter linkage etc.... I have some of the parts from the ranger the...
  7. CheapThrillB2

    Bundy Hill, Jerome MI June 27th

    Making another trip out to bundy hill with the CTOR group. spend the day screwing our shit up lol. June 27th. www.bundyhilloffroad.com
  8. CheapThrillB2

    Bundy Hill, Jerome MI May 31st

    Yeah Yeah kinda late, but a bunch of us Cheapthrillers are going out there tomorrow for our first trip to this new park. Can't wait, hope its cool, its the closet park to my house (at 102 miles one way lol). www.bundyhilloffroad.com
  9. CheapThrillB2

    Attica Invasion

    The club and myself spent the last three days tearing up Attica, IN (Badlands). Met up with Bray D and Burnside. Heres some teaser pics till I can get some video uploaded.... We took ALOT more video then pics but I don't have hi-speed till tomorrow to upload.
  10. CheapThrillB2

    1-Ton of fun

    So I have decided the full size body life just isn't for me. just to wide and to easy to damage the body in the tight trails I wheel on. Heres what I had... Heres the 03 Ext Cab I purchased yesterday that will be replacing my F250 cab. Basic run down on the truck.... 1996 2wd F250...
  11. CheapThrillB2

    Explorer V8 interchangeability

    I picked up a 98 explorer for the wife with a bum motor. It has the gt40p heads and an external EGR. When I look up motors I get prod. time differences. And of course this truck is 8/98. I haven't called the dealer yet to get the exact build date. But my question is can I get away with...
  12. CheapThrillB2

    Wifes new ride

    Picked up a 98 Explorer 5.0L AWD. Has a dead hole in the motor (think cy1 piston is damaged). Its in pretty good shape other wise. Snagged it for $350. Found a used motor for $500. :icon_hornsup: She currently drives a 93 Explorer Limited with over 250K on the mileage. Got tired of...
  13. CheapThrillB2


    I hate photoshop Can somebody do a better job them me lol
  14. CheapThrillB2

    96 f250 truggy

    Starting out with a 1996 F250 2wd D60 5.38's Loc-Rite 14 Bolt 5.38's Lincoln Locked 5.8L e4od hopefully np205 twinsticked eventually maybe 203/205 doubler Ranger Truggy has been disassembled, frame was all jacked up and bent, the cab was never very good to start out with. So that truggy...

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