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    Cool 1978 Ford Mustang Monroe Hauler

    Monroe Handler. Looks sharp for a Mustang II. My younger sister's first car was an orange Mustang II, V-6. My parents and I bought it for her.
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    95 Ranger v8 value

    Wouldn't have to pass anything here in Oklahoma. Have it trucked here, drive it over to register it. They won't even come out to see if all the lights work and it has working seat belts. Issue me one plate for the back and walk out the door. I'm actually thinking about it. Have to sell my 2008...
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    95 Ranger v8 value

    Beautiful truck man! Love it!
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    Rear Sway Bar Question

    Might be an aftermarket bar. I have a Hellwig on mine. Hellwigs are the biggest solid anti-sway bars made. Hotchkiss make larger diameter bars, but they are hollow. A solid bar works much better than a hollow one. I'll go measure mine later, see what size it is. It appears to be around 3/4...
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    2007 Mustang. New project vehicle of mine.

    Put a new Boss 429 style hood scoop and new smaller more sport car like mirrors on the Mustang This past week.
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    2.3L ('83-'97) Correct oil for 90s ranger

    I live in a state that freezes during the winter. Been running 20W-50 in my 98 3.0 for 20 years, just turned 170,000 last night (truck had only 10,000 miles on it when I bought it). Will continue running what works for me. I warm it up before I drive it in the winter anyways, and would never rev...
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    "Homemade Vehicle" Washington State

    Judging from what I see on Oklahoma roads that appear home built, we don't have any inspection criteria here. Run what you brung seems to be the name of the game here.
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    1989 Ford Ranger XLT 302 V8 5 Speed

    Starting bid $5000. No bids yet. Likely has to go to a state with no emissions testing anyhow. Or is a 89 exempt in most of the test states?
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    Aftermarket Headers

    Companies still make parts for Pintos? WOW! Pinto = Put In Nickle To Operate
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    I give you TRSisms... a handy way to service members!

    It's all good. I LOLed!
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    The Dreaded Lean Code

    What's a "higher rated pump?" The requirement for the 98 - 00 is 56 to 72 psi running. Why would you want to go beyond that? The new one I put in is putting out 62 psi, has been since I installed it. Runs awesome. No need to go beyond the stock requirements. I wouldn't want to without beefing up...
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    Why you don’t run Mustang S550 wheels

    What if, like my Mustang, the lug nuts are deep in wells on the rims? That isn't going to work. Always have to think of the worst case scenario. ;-)
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    Why you don’t run Mustang S550 wheels

    I've run these adapters before, they have never come loose on me. What I was talking about above was the studs spinning within the adapter while you're trying to tighten or loosen the lug nuts. Once that happens, you have a lug nut you cannot get off because the stud itself is spinning. Then...
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    The Dreaded Lean Code

    I would just change the pump for now. It's highly unlikely the FPR is bad. Mine is 22 years old, shown no sign of being bad yet. I replaced my pump in January 2017 with a pump bought from Sears. Still going strong to this day.
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    CA Mandates all trucks must be electric beginning in 2024

    That don't look like no wascally wabbit to me! In as much as females are wascally anyway.